Ellie, evil wench that she is, chases me after class, calling, "Andy, Andy!" down the hallway. I don't stop or acknowledge her pursuit, but she catches up at my locker when I stop to grab my biology textbook.

"Andy!" Allie's breathing really hard, and her boobs are heaving. It's not exciting, and it's not gross, but it's not shocking that she's so okay with just baring her cleavage to the whole school. Never mind, she probably likes the attention. I bet if I told her I could see her nipple through her shirt, she'd offer to let me touch it. Some people just have no class.

"What!" I snap as I zip my bag back up. I push my locker shut and walk away, but she's following like a baby duck. A useless, obnoxious, awkward duckling.

"I have a question for you. It's important."

"What," I offer again, letting my voice drop to disinterest and disdain.

"Well, I was wondering. My friend is, like, kind of into you. They wanted to know; do you like girls or boys? 'Cause it seems like you mostly act gay, and you really look gay, but then you do things like stare at my chest like you were earlier. So, yeah, gay or straight?"

I glare. "That is a dumb question."

She looks back fiercely, but I think I can get her to back down. She doesn't seem too sure of herself right now. I mean, she's wearing a miniskirt. Of course she's not sure of herself. "No it's not. My friend is really into you, and wants to know if they have a chance."

I snort. "Your friend goes to this school?" She nods. "Then they don't have a chance. I won't date anyone from this school. I mean, look around. There's absolutely nobody worth mentioning.

I look around too, and see Jamie glancing up from his locker a few meters away. He looks kind of bummed. He's probably upset that he got a 46 on the French midterm that just got handed back. The one that I aced. Dad probably won't let him have anyone over this weekend as punishment. I grin triumphantly; that means a maximum of one evil stepsibling's moans waking me up at two on Sunday morning. He sees my face and looks down; he can probably guess what I'm thinking, and just the thought of me being able to sleep is upsetting him. Because he's evil.

Alice looks like she wants to twist off my head. "You are such a prick. You know what; he can do better than you." She said that way loudly. It's okay, it's not like a blow to my reputation (if she were even capable of that) would be such a big deal. I don't have friends, and I meant what I said about not dating anyone in this school. I've known all 43 members of my grade for our entire lives; nobody has ever even transferred into my year (though one lucky fool transferred out as a freshman). I know everyone else by sight, if not name; I find that it's much easier to remember actors' names than classmates' names. Nobody in this school is my type. I don't know what my type is yet; I just know that I'm not interested in any of the boring people here.

Alexa walks over to Jamie and links arms with him. As they brush past me in the hallway, I notice what an evil looking pair they make; cunning Andrea complaining loudly to a dejected Jamie (and come on, that level of dejection has to be for effect. There's no way a prospective weekend without sex entitles him to look so pathetically kicked puppy) about how not worth it I am.

I briefly wonder who Annie's friend is, but decide that it really doesn't matter, because I really don't care.