Crawl upon these goosebumps
(Pitter patter touches trip tonight),

Let your breath engulf these nerves and
Tickle toxins from these lungs.

Laughter spilling from these lips,
Yet eyelids remain at half mast and
These tongues trace over their docks.

(The waters are sure to be rough tonight.)

Seas that sway enough to make you sick.
Surfs that crest over our tipping points.

Break the barrier,
Grip, slip, fit,
And we're surely sinking.

Bag up all their hearts,
Tie the knot and throw it out to sea.
Keep afloat the waves that chop
Away at our beliefs.

Like a puzzle, fit the pieces,
Push and push until we make them fit,
But no matter the stimulation
The colors never match.

Try to fill this hole with sand
(And watch it slip from the other end),

Gunk up these lonely pieces,
Let it coagulate over and patch the void.

(Yet when the sun rises and spills over the blinds,
You have only his sweat to keep you company.)