Goodbyes never tasted so bitter
As the time it was for real.
Anodynes to numb the thoughts that race within your mind;
(Smack the floor so hard the grass
Is higher than the stars around your head.)

Egos trip over themselves
(Pull my foot in so you don't realize it was me.)

Close your eyes and let your
Prayers trail over your palms.

I'll whisper my comforts and
Trail my frozen fingers over your cheek.
Swallow your tears and I'll swallow my mess,
Close my eyes so they don't cry red.

Leave the bed behind,
(I wonder, would it have been warm?)

And one day you'll stop wondering whether
My skin would've been as soft as you had dreamed.

Maybe I would've found the words to say,
But conviction's thicker than my breath.
Because simple minds are trains
Bound to rails which they set their needs.
(So we're barreling ahead full steam.)

…and dreams can only last so long…
(Until this train runs out of track.)