"Not In Bulk"

May 29, 2009

Pushing an unbelievably squeaky cart,

Past a myriad of TVs

Playing cheesy commercials with the intention to entice me to buy their

Product, past frazzled mothers who will do anything to

Please and pacify their children—

Probably by buying those promoted products.

This is how I spend my Friday night:

Not at a party,

Not at the movies,

Not even at home—

Instead I'm at Sam's Club.

An exclusive, members-only shindig:

I'm only permitted entry because of that precious piece of plastic my parents possess—

Gee, I'm blessed…

Everything here sits so happily stupid and wrapped and secure,


And in bulk—

Not in a single aisle does a single product sulk,

Alone in it's singularity.

Seriously, it's sad,

No, it's embarrassing—

I'm jealous of a jar of Nutella.