Pastel painted atrophy
Coats these four walls roof to floor,
Disintegrated diamonds in the
Pupils I once knew.

Slam the brakes, jerk the wheel,
Take a breath past punctured lungs,
And maybe as you pick the shards of
Teeth from the dash,
You'll run your tongue along jagged edges and
Remember how good it feels to die.

Fill the sieve, control the mind,
Circle the earth if you please,
Ask a million questions of a million people, and
A million empty answers will consume your being.

Bursts, light, stab, break,
Take a beating and actually taste the blood.
Smell synthetic roses,
Make shapes of spidery dogs
As you lie upon plastic grass and
Observe pixilated clouds.

Burning lights of passion lit
Within your very core,
Trembling hand clasps trembling hand
Before the reel eats the film.