These cords keep strumming this melody
Against this throat, your ears,
(And maybe even your heart.)

Thoroughly tender touches tremble,
Tote me in your pocket and
I'll keep you off your feet for days.

Amethystine gazes sprinkle
Radiance upon these walls,
Coat these hands with a web of light
(Or love)

And watch these bows of light carry us through.

And while harmonies are pulling at you
(Hidden in the background)

We somehow know we can't resist them.

For these heartbeats are not summoned,
Created by our whims
(Though possibly destroyed by them,)

Or constructed by our parts.

Crystalline flowers fashioned of glass
Cradled within these palms.
May I learn a bit of posture,
Learn to manage this grip
So that these petals can forever catch the rays and
Splay itself upon their hearts.

(For you've already conquered one.)