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I've been best friends with John and Carson for as far back as I can remember. Our moms knew each other from their college days and were inseparable every since. They ended up living in their hometowns with their husbands and were sickeningly happy. It's weird, you'd think that since the three of us were forced to play together all the damn time, that we would hate each other because of it. But it was actually the opposite. It was as if we couldn't spend enough time together. The three of us were always together. We went to the same elementary school, middle school, and high school. We all played the same sports, and though we didn't have the same interests all the time, we still considered each other to be best friends.

We certainly were oddly matched group, despite our closeness. We were in the same grade but we weren't born the same year, just a year in difference in our ages. I was put up a grade because of the month I was born. Carson was the second oldest out of us, with his auburn hair usually long enough to lie in a wavy mess just above his hazel eyes. What was trademark for Carson was his ridiculously dark skin. He could tan easiest out of the three of us and remained tan the whole year, even in the winter time. I use to wonder if he ever went to tanning beds, despite his denial of doing so. His garb normally consisted of different colored undershirts and board shorts. He was a huge fan of surfing just like our other friend, John.

John was the oldest of us. He always had a tan as well that enhanced his blonde hair always cut into a buzz cut and his sky blue eyes. He has always had a light tan even when he was younger, probably due to the amount of surfing he did. Both of them loved to surf, while I sit in the shade and watch. I tried to surf, but only fall off after one ride no matter how many times I practice. I have however, learned how to swim really well as a result. They surf all the time, though I think it is probably a given considering where we lived.

Did I mention that we lived in Florida? Yeah, we live in this small fishing village in the panhandle, whose major occupations consist of deep sea fishing, owning a restaurant, real estate agents, or tourist agencies. I was the youngest and was the odd ball out of the group. Regardless of my parents' ability to tan, I for some reason could not get more than a tad shade darker than pale. I always felt that my skin complexion didn't feel right with my deep brown hair and bright green eyes. Everyone else around me seemed to fit into their looks, while mine felt miss-matched. I've always been envious of John, Carson, and my parents.

My parents were beautiful to say the least, with their olive skin, and their hazel eyes and silky long wavy blonde and brown hair. Yes both of them kept their hair long. My dad had the brown hair which was always pulled back half way up, while my mom had the blonde hair letting it go naturally in soft waves. Of course it didn't matter what their appearance seemed because of their occupation. My parents owned a few fishing boats and they loved every minute of it. They had often forced me to go with them by finally gave up when I was caught throwing bits of squid against the boat due to shear boredom. I didn't understand the purpose of riding a boat for four hours just so you can catch slimy disgusting creatures that are just creepy to look at. John and Carson often made fun of me for that.

John would often say, "Landon, man…how can you be living in this place if you don't even like fishing? Are you sure you are related to your parents?" Of course I would just shrug and change the subject. Truth be told I'm actually terrified of the ocean. It scared the shit out of me when I looked down at the black sea thinking that something big with sharp teeth is going to leap out of nowhere and take out my head. Being on a boat that enjoyed rocking back and forth at a terrorizing rate did not help that fear as well. I think John and Carson knew about my fear, as well as my parents, but they haven't mentioned it. I'm grateful for that. My parents on the other hand love the ocean and spend most of their time on it. They have told me in the past that they feel more natural on the water than they do on land. I swear they must be freakin merpeople or something. I don't get to see them very often because they have overnight fishing trips for the tourists. When they aren't away on fishing trips, they would often invite John and Carson's parents to deep sea fishing cruises that would often take several days as well. The older we got, the more they would take these trips.

It was during these times that we had free rein over our houses. I can't tell you how many drunken parties we had, and stupid mistakes that we can laugh about now. When we got into high school John and Carson opened their eyes to the female body. It was like they couldn't get enough of them. It was a regular occurrence for me to come by to visit and hear moaning and screaming of either of my friend's names by a female voice. I stopped blushing and stumbling over myself to leave the house the third time I heard it. I never really got into that stuff. It just never really intrigued me. Sure I tried it a few times with some girls I met from high school and it did feel good, I guess. It just wasn't for me.

It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I realized the reason why I didn't have much interest in sex. We were having this random summer party, which became pretty rowdy. I was two sheets to the wind, and stumbling upstairs of my parents' house to go to the bathroom. I was leaning against the wall to steady myself while walking down the deserted hallway when I heard moans coming from my room. I growled at the thought of some random couple getting it on in my bed, so I opened my door with the full intention to yell at them, but the sight in front of me stole my voice.

There was John on my bed, with a no name girl underneath him. My bed was positioned on the side wall as it has always been, giving me a side view of them. She was on her hands and knees facing the wall, her eyes closed and mouth opened, pulsing forwards and backwards in front of John while he was gripping her hips tightly as he plunged into her, thrusting his hips. I froze watching the couple moved in ecstasy unaware of my presence. She just kept screaming his name while panting, at least that's all I heard, because I wasn't looking at her body. No, what grabbed my attention and refused to let go was the sight of him. His head was thrown back with his eyes closed, his mouth part while his tongue slid along his full pink and swollen lips. I watched as his bronze skin glistening in sweat moved in a rhythm as his muscles danced. He stomach rolling as skin slapped onto skin. This led my eyes to stare at his wet and huge dick encased in a condom sliding in and out of her. I couldn't help but stare at it, while the intense tightness and throbbing in my nether regions begged for attention.

I jumped when a hand wrapped around my mouth and another cupped my bulge in my board shorts. A low familiar voice tickled into my ear causing a shiver down my spine. "It's not polite to look at such a private act, Landon." I started to struggle to get away from him as the panic set in.

Who the hell is this guy?! Ah, more importantly, he saw me! And he knows my reaction to it! Fuck! Get your damn hand off of there!

Unfortunately for me the struggle had actually caused the hand on my pants to rub against my sensitive skin, causing a soft moan to escape my mouth as my breath seeped through the guy's fingers. I froze, my heart pounding as I looked forward, staring at the two, still unaware of our presence, the moan buried in the screams coming from the girl. I could feel the guy freeze behind me as well, his breath becoming slightly quicker than he started. Another more vocal moan was trapped behind the hand on my mouth as the large hand on my bulge started rubbing slowly in a circle, springing to life my member full length. My legs started to tremble as I grabbed his wrist to pulling him away from me, only to feel a warm wet tongue touch the shell of my ear, causing a gasp to escape my lips.

Fuck! How can this guy be so good?! Wait…good? What the fuck is wrong with me!? No doubt about it, the person behind me is definitely a guy! I shouldn't be turned on by this! Who is he?! And he better stop this!

I turned my head my head to get a look at the man when the hand that was covering my mouth shot up and to cover my eyes. I would have protested if I didn't feel his other hand slide into my board shorts as the Velcro in the front start to give way giving him more access. Stupid board shorts. You have betrayed me. He wrapped his fingers around my arousal, causing an audible moan to erupt out of my lips.

His hot breath danced along my ear again, "Shh, Landon. You wouldn't want them to see you now would you? What would that girl or John think? Especially the girl…you think she's hot right? Why else would you have this?" Putting emphasis on the last word as he pulled his hand tightly up and down my length, his thumb pressing occasionally onto the weeping tip, causing yet another moan to pour out of my mouth, while my legs began to tremble even more. Before I knew what I was doing I was bucking my hips into his hand and pulling back, pressing my ass to his front, noticing he was feeling this just as much as I was. I heard a small curse behind me before I was being dragged into a dark room behind us. I whimpered when the warmth and sensation went away from my body, but was curious as to where I was now. I looked around now that the hand was gone from my eyes and thought this had to be my parents' room despite the darkness.

I didn't get much time to look when I was spun around and slammed into the near wall followed by a warm wet set of lips slam into my own. Electricity shot down my spine and danced along my member, twitching inside my opened shorts. I gasped into the kiss which he took the opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth. He tasted of alcohol and Doritos, but god if this wasn't the best kiss of my life. I moaned into that kiss and trembled when I felt his body and extremely long and hard member still trapped in his shorts slide against the opening of my shorts, causing my own arousal to pop out of them into the slightly chilled summer air.

I shivered while panting as I bucked up against the body in front of me as flashes of the scene I just witnessed popped into my mind. Images of my best friend naked with glistening drops of sweat slide down his tan skin as the muscles underneath danced in an intoxicating rhythm. His eyes closed and head thrown back as pants and grunts fell out of his parted lips.

In my still drunken stupor I wrapped my arms around the shoulder of the person in front of me while doing the same with one of my legs around his waist before screaming out. "Oh god! John! S-sooo good!"

The person stopped moving for a moment as he began to move away, causing a whimper to come out of my mouth. I tightened my grip around his waist with my leg to pull him closer to me. "Please…don't stop!" I breathed as I moved my hips into his once more. He grunted before thrusting his still clothed member against my exposed one, grabbing my leg wrapped around him and lift it up more.

"Landon…fuck!" His voice was cracking slightly as he continued to push against me, the tightness in my stomach building with each rub.

Suddenly his grip on my leg along with the warmth of his body left me. I was about to protest when I felt a wet warmth encase my dick. I threw my head back, hitting the wall as my hips bucked up into the warmth. I didn't get to go far as two large hands held my hips into place, so I didn't choke him to death. Pants continued to fall out of my mouth as I slid my hands into his longer than I pictured hair. I felt his tongue press into my slit before it slid along my length as he slowly started to swallow me completely. He eventually started to pick of speed, sucking me in tighter and tighter into his mouth as his tongue continued to occasionally probe my slit. He abandoned one hand on my hip to wrap around my sac and twirl it around playfully. During all of this he started humming, the little vibrations causing my insides to tighten even more. I wasn't going to last much longer if he kept doing that!

"John! Oh god John! I'm getting close!" I pants as my hands pulled on the guys hair as he rhythmically pulled back and forth on my length.

It was then that he pulled one of my legs up to it rest on his shoulder while I leaned further back onto the wall for support. I was confused as to why he did so until his mouth and hand that was cupping me left me for a moment. I shivered and whimpered at the sudden coldness of the air, gripping his hair as I felt his head move slightly. I started to open my eyes and look down when I felt a slick digit part my cheeks and slide into my entrance. My eyes shot open as I started to look down, my muscles clenching around that finger. Damn that felt weird.

"Relax Landon, I'm going to make you feel so good." I panted and nodded, though he couldn't see me before relaxing as his finger started to push in and out of me.

"J-john!" I panted as he took me in his mouth again followed by the sliding in and out of his finger in sync with his wonderful mouth. I winced when another finger entered me. The pain didn't last long as white lightning shot through my spine and filled my vision as his fingers curled and pressed against a spot in me that I didn't know I had. I bucked up against his mouth followed by pressing against his finger as I screamed John's name once more before coming hard into his mouth.

I felt the muscles in his mouth move telling me he was swallowing all of me up. I shivered when he popped me out of his mouth, his fingers leaving me seconds after. My body was so spent that I collapsed onto the ground, a silly smile falling onto my face. I saw that he was still crouched down and was now face to face with me. Looking at him with my half-lidded glazed eyes I instinctively grabbed him around the neck and pulled him into another crushing kiss, ignoring the bitter taste of my essence still in his mouth as I forcefully shoved my tongue into his mouth. He sank into the kiss for a moment before pain shot through my head as I was pushed away causing me to hit the back of my head against the wall. I grunt and rubbed the back of my head, knowing a bump would be there in the morning.

"Oh my god." Was all he said as I heard foot falls as he stumbled towards the door. A crack of light entered the room followed by a slam of the door and darkness once more. I found myself sitting there in the dark, with my pants still undone and halfway down my thigh, alone. I could still hear the music boomed below us but nothing else. I guess John and that girl finished by now.

I hiccupped a drunken sigh as waves of tiredness filled my mind. I licked my lips as I got up on my knees shakily, pulled up my shorts and fastening them before crawling over to the bed in the room. I climbed up into it and curled underneath the covers, knowing I sure as hell wasn't going to go into my room where john and that girl had fucked.

My heart clenched as I thought about John being with that girl. I gripped my chest as a pained groan slipped out of my mouth.

Well shit…I guess I'm gay…and like one of my best friends. My very straight best friend.

I ignored the fact that I was strangely calm after such a revelation about my sexuality as well as the hot tears falling down my face. I had suspected this for a while now, but was just too scared to try to prove it. Now that I knew, I didn't really care. What did hurt and was the source of these tears is that my mind and heart decided it wanted the person I knew I could never have.

I gritted my teeth and shook my head. Now was not the time to deal with these troublesome thoughts. I just wanted to sleep. I curled up and wrapped my arms around a pillow that smelled like my parents before closing my eyes and making my body relax. Thoughts of John's smiling face and the wonderful feeling of that kiss from the mystery man filled my mind as sleep finally claimed me.

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