A heart held to close

A heart held too close is a heart protected by harm.

"I can't believe that this has happened! Why did this have to happen again! Why would

anyone let something like this happen to them! They never did anything wrong." the weeping

young girl screamed to her brother of whom was just holding her tightly in his arms

I looked down at my little sisters tear stained face and felt nothing but sorrow, not just for

the death of our grandparents but also for this poor girl who had seen the death of everyone

who had been her guardian. The poor angel had lost her parents and now her grandparents. I

never saw the point of inflicting pain on such a young soul. "Why would God have let

something so horrible happen." I thought to myself in the midst of trying to calm my crying


I too, didn't understand why something so horrible would have happened.

It had been five days prior to that moment that this had started. The day that some

royal advisors had come to collect the rent from our grandparents who had been renting a place

from them.

Unfortunately for our grandparents, they had brought some royal guards to take anything to

help pay for the rent. They had tried to take my younger sister, but our grandparents had

promised their parents that they would do absoloutely anything to protect her.

We've always hated the royal family, but this just made it worse. They had already

taken our parents, but to also take our grandparents, what fiends. They were trying to get my

sister. She was adopted into our family at the age of 4 from an anonymous family, but several

years later the royal family came claiming that this girl was their child. When they tried to

take her, she cried and didn't want to go. But ever since then, the royal family have been trying to take

her back and not only that, they already have a fiance chosen for her. She's only eight. I hate

them and always will.

Seven years later

A green eyed, blonde came tumbling out of a tavern from being pushed. She got up

and got ready to fight but the doors were closed on her before she had a chance to do


She brushed off the dirt that she had aquired after falling. She went over to her horse and

hopped on. She rode home.

As she walked into her quiet home, she expected to see her brother, but he wasn't

there. Just like every other day, her brother had been taken just like the rest of her family.

Killed by the royal guards that protected the king and queen of that village. She wanted to

exact revenge. She wasn't the only one either, there were many people in the village who had

been hurt by them and they all wanted revenge for it.

The girl held a small meeting for people in the rebellion she's started after her brothers

death, and they talk about a battle strategy on how they could get back. She said that she

could go into the palace and pretend to finally accept them as family. One the time is right

she could sneak the rest in and they could secretly take out the guards and then finally get to

the royal family.

They decided to do it, and several months later they did.

She had gone and pretended to be all friend like to her so called family, the king and

queen and prince, but little did they know what her intentions really were. She seemed so

happy and they were left unsuspecting. Much time passed and she was growing accustomed to

living in the gloriousness of royalty and was getting used to these people who were

apperentely her family, but she was still intent on getting her revenge. After a few more

months of being with them and they were absoloutely unsuspecting and thought it not weird at

all that she was back, the girl gave the signal.

It was cold winter night. The girl was sneaking out of the palace to find her rebellion.

Once she had, she led them through a secret passage that only the royal family knew about

and could get into. They snuck around the passages and made their way to the guards quarters

where they took them by surprise and knocked out or killed them all. They left and made

there way to the seeing room.

The girl went and stood before her parents, covered in blood. They rushed to see if

she was alright and of course she was. They let out a sigh of relief, but just in that moment

the prince was attacked. They parents called for the guards but no one came and they just

stared at the girl who stared back. For a moment she felt sympathy before everything went

black. All of the sudden she saw pictures flying through her head, memories of before she

was four. She realized that in that moment she truly was their daughter, and that they had

been right all along.

She came to just to see somebody about to kill her mother, and in the last moment she

ran in the way. She was pierced by the sword and fell to her knees coughing up blood. Her

mother fell to her daughter's side.

"I'm so sorry" the girl said "I didn't..." she didn't finish her sentence and died in that

moment as her mother wept covered in her daughters blood. Her mother's face was stained

with tears and the girls blood and glared at the people who left at the horrible sight. The

mother was never seen again, some say she died and others say she still lives there cradeling

her daughters dead body. Nobody knows the truth....