I knew it was coming for as long as I can remember. The little disputes that turned into arguments which turned into fights, those fights that soon ended with things being broken.

The future of my family had been sitting on a knifes edge since my sister was born. Friction, that was what my parents love had become.

Divorce is nasty. Brutal. The worst part of it was that I was the one who wanted my parents to divorce. I, in all my naiveté thought that divorce would be a better alternative to having my parents fight nearly all the time.

NEVER. They fought all the time, way more than before, and it was dirty fighting. Things that I never wanted to know about my parents were revealed. My mother had hated my father for quite some time and my father thought my mother was a frigid bitch.

The worst shocker was that my father had a rich mistress in Chicago, and the when the judge (in order to mediate my parents nearly physical fighting) had each pick one of the children and that parent would get sole custody. My mother picked my sister over me, she just threw me to the dogs in that one sentence "I want Abby." I was to leave behind my home, family, friends, all that I have ever known to live with my cheating father, his new rich fiancée, and her children.

My father, being the douche that he is, left as soon as the divorce was finalized, literally. Right as he was walking out of the door of the home that my parents had built he gave me an envelope. Enclosed was an one way plane ticket from Syracuse to O'Hare and two short notes. One was in my fathers messy scrawl that stated that I had two months to make my last goodbyes and then I was to have my ass on that 9 pm flight to Chicago on August 21. And the other was in an unmistakably feminine writing. The bitch had written to me.

Dear Cami,

That bitch she did not even know me she had no right to call me by a name that was reserved for friends an family only. She could just call me by Camille.

Dear Cami,

Honey your father has told me so much about you. I'm sure you'll get along just splendidly with my sons. Were in the process of getting your room just perfect for you. We all want you to be at home as soon as you touch down. I cant wait to meet you and take you shopping when you arrive at the airport.

With Love,

Regina Macintosh

The weirdest part was that I did not begrudge my parents divorce, I did however hate them for wrecking my life and my father for being a total man whore.

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