Soooooo….. I'm sorry that it's been such a long time, I've had one of the worst weeks ever with more to come. But I'll save my rant for the bottom.

Mick's POV

"Hmmm…. I'm hungry guys, im gonna go over there" Ryan pointed to a freaking humongous line in front of a tiny Starbucks inside the airport. "So yeah do you want anything while we wait for your new gorgous sister?"

"No Ryan, we had breakfast before we lefts Mick's house." Ian has always been the most diplomatic of the three of us. Even when we were still in diapers.

"How 'bout you man. You want anything? Or do you think your sister will want anything?"

"You are such a dumbass Ryan. You are going to be so fat one day, I swear all you do is eat crap." Ian gave me the eye as soon as I started insulting his cousin and one of our best friends. "Ian don't give me that look you know you see that in his future."

"Whatever Mick." Ian rolled his eyes at me.

"Eh.. Ian it's no big deal. No hard feelings Mick. So do you want me to get Camille will want anything?"

"No I'm sure she ate on the plane. And since when did you start caring about the girl who is moving in on my floor, and by association interfering with all of our lives."

"I don't know I just want to be a little nice, I mean she will be related to you in about a week, and you'll have to deal with her for two years at least, and she is the one who has to leave her home and her friends to come here so…."

"Whatever Ryan just go get your food."

Smart suggestion, Ian. I didn't actually say this but it was damn close to coming out of my mouth.

"Its fine Mick you know Ryan wont side with your 'enemy'" I could hear the air quotes in his voice as he said enemy. I knew his stand on my new sister. He thought I should give her a fair chance. Im not so sold on the idea of letting a complete stranger, a horny girl to be exact, into my house which is my sanctuary. She'll want more and more of my time and pine over all of my friends and want me to take her to parties. She'll most definitely just want me to get her into the popular crowd and get her all the perks that come with being popular.

So, no, Ian and Ryan I don't want to give her a fighting chance. Because she will just dissapoint.

"I don't know why you are so nice to people Ian, especially after The Incident."

"You dwell on that too much, yes it happened but really man you need to move on."

I really do not want to get on this subject yet again. It was the worst time in our lives, but in a sick way it cemented our friendship. It showed what the three of us would do for one another.

I saw a pretty girl, one who matched the picture Thom, my almost step-dad, had shown us of his precious 17 year old daughter Camille.

"I think I see her over there." I pointed to where I had seen her brown head.

Ian and I started off in the direction of the interloper knowing that Ryan would somehow sniff us out.

I walked up behind her, tapped her on the shoulder. As she turned around I was getting ready to do the polite thing and introduce myself. I saw a bit of her face, and I must admit that she did have a pretty face. Her eyes widened in surprise, pretty funny she probably wasn't expecting someone like me to talk to her.


I doubled over as her fist made contact with my face. Oh my fucking god! My eye feels like it has been put through to the back of my head. Ow!

And then I heard Ian laughing. I can't believe that shit face was laughing. Even if I would do the same thing if it were him getting punched.

I straitened up when most of the pain was gone from my eyes, its not like I hadn't had a black eye before just never from a girl. Ughhhhh I hope no one ever finds out. I'm a fucking black belt, I excel at hand to hand, and I'm the second best fencer in the state, right after Ian. Talk about embarrassing.

I just want to get out of here.

Ryan's POV

Damn! This food smells so good. There is almost nothing that rivals Starbuck's pasteries. Delicious!

I started scouting for Ian's head since the bastard is so tall. Ah there is that head of raven black hair!…and there it went again. What the hell?

Id better hurry and make sure some random girls didn't jump him….again. Poor guy.

When I finally found Mick and Ian they were both doubled over, but for obviousally different reasons. Ian was laughing..or was he having a seizure? And Mick, I think he was doubled over in pain. I looked around to see who caused this and found a very good looking girl whose face was stuck between shock and a fearful guilt.

That face…oh god that face. I nearly doubled over laughing too. I think that Mick was making introductions but lord.. So funny Mick, my beast friend Mick. The guy who was an animal at self defense and fighting second only to Ian was caught and then punched by a girl. Most likely his new sister. The entire idea is so funny!!!

Mick in his typical Micky way decided that being laughed at was not fun… at all anymore and dragged all of us back to his car. I think he was planning on getting laid at Sarah's party before the bruise started showing on his face.

Alright so that's it for me, just a taste cause I got some bad news today. I will most likely need another knee surgery, this one being a lot more intense that the first, all before my senior year. So depressing right.

So tell me what you think where you want things to go any predictions on what The Incident is….

- in_white_houses