Slip your hands down my back,
Across my cheek,
(As cold as ice.)

And you feel so far away.

So many miles between us,
So many light years between our

Minds, craving more than
The half-felt gripping of
Your hands upon my own.

Slide your body down mine,
Taste the sweet sensation of
Your lips within mine.

And when they tell you that
Coincidences brought us here,
Remember this:
When I pressed my lips against yours,
When I let my hopes and dreams upon you,
Leaving all doubts in my tracks,
I let go of her too.
Let go of love,
Let go of everything,
And took hold of you.

And found everything else.
Everything important,
Everything more.

Place your head down on my shoulder
And weep the tears of all the lies,
All the pain, all the fear.
(And I'll kiss away every one of them.)

So let go of the words, the lies,
The fears and all that holds you back.
For nothing could keep my arms
From finding their way around you.

(And yet you feel so far from here...)