Warm your feet and wrap the
Blanket of my arms around your form.
Let the crystals of snow melt and
Glue our trembling limbs together.
(Because we're both scared shitless.)

Dollars curled,
Furled into nasal passages,
Dust the senses that never existed,
Let these streams absorb their poison and
Arrest this racing heart.

(Or so the program dictated,
But if we could fool ourselves over the years
We must have a few tricks up our sleeves
Left to shock even the ushers.)

Only EMP's pulsing through these eardrums,
Soothing breaths as cool as ice that
Scorch like fire and blister for days.

(Or maybe even a lifetime.)

Tick tock taverns take apart the
Gears in these clocks,
Shove them down your throat and
Clog every ventricle they get a hold of.

(All the while, clicking,
Ticking time to pass.

"Tick tock," they whisper,
Mocking what you swore to be the last lung inflations,

"Tick tock.")

Let your hip tingle while I let the
Same rendition serenade me from my own.
(It truly is More than a Feeling.)

For I will set your hip to shivering before
My knees fall out before me.

(Unless the cocktail within this skull decides
Tonight would be a good time to leave out the encore.
Warnings were spent, but
Maybe your mitt just isn't
Wide enough for the next curveball the
Big leagues throw at you.)

And all the while a million and one
"I love you"s are
Dying on the tip of this tongue,
Terrified of resounding tritely and
Minimizing the only words that
Ever rang clear.