Twirl within embraces
And I'll never let you go.
Let your fingertips entwine in mine
(Trail them across your skin)

And brush my lips against your cheek,
Against your own,
Against your heart.

(Escape into the sky with me,

Let the raindrops descend
Upon your skin,
Smile to the clouds and I'll
Catch you as you drop.

Keep your gaze trained on mine,
Slip your arms around my waist and
I'll envelope you in

My embrace.

Skip your stones across the miles
As if they were nothing but puddles,
Tread upon them and make
Your way to me.
(You practically walk on water anyway.)

Dig your fingers throughout my chest and
Clench on what you find.
(You were the hand that kept my heart beating.)

Because I can't breathe without you,
Can't live without this


Words staler than your kisses
(Took them more than miles to get here.)

Dried up ink upon this page.
Running out of opportunities to slip

Into your arms.

She trails her fingertips over your
Cheek, dancing her eyes across
Your own.

"Get lost within in me," she begs,
"I promise I'll hold your hand
When the floor falls from beneath your weary

Footfalls in the hallways,
Every step sounds just like yours.

Separate the pages and read
Between the lines,
What you'll find is that I'm missing...

...missing more than words.