Tossing over,
Bleeding breaths,
"Stop holding on," I tell her
And she stares as if I'm silent.

He hands me his inhaler and says to
"Take a puff of this,
It'll rip the screens right from your throat and
Let you learn to breathe without her."

(Alkaline tears slip away unnoticed.)

Am I the only one who sees the pigments?
Because I swear you're seeing through me.

(Maybe miles only work one way,
For it feels like you're light years away from me.)

Running in circles,
The shoelace that keeps your steps together.
(No wonder you keep on tripping.)

And never have I slipped so far,
So hard as to say that I
(Miss you)

Miss the words so good.

Coughing up your acid tears
That burn within your lungs,
"Let them go," she whispers in your ear,
(Ignore the goosebumps running down your arms,)

"I'll swallow every one for you."

Addicted to my fingertips so
Soft against your

Lips, begging you not to make a sound.
(We wouldn't want to ruin the moment with
Words as clumsy as these
Terrified tongues.)

And maybe when the lights burn by
You'll kiss the moon goodbye for me;
We'll drive over the horizon
Into colors you'd only dreamt of.