Four walls desolate,
Dire calls to empty ears
Ring falsely along the wire.
(The acoustics were never much to be desired.)

Let your wavelengths swim the miles
So they might soothe these burning ears and
Caress these trembling lips.
(So lonely without yours pressed against them.)

For when heartbeats tattoo across this chest,
Resonating along your spine and matching your rhythm,
The moon that shimmers silver in your gaze and
The warmth that radiates cozy calm
Collects these fragments and
Pieces them with your own.

(Beaten, battered, broken bits belonging
Nowhere but within the embrace of you.)

Whether the grass pokes between your toes or
The snow contours beneath your form,
Your side will never be vacant --
For even if the solidity is absent,
The reality will never waver.

(For though the hands fly over the face faster,
Forever is truly timeless.)