Blood rushing to the tip of my
Pen, ichor dripping in rivulets over my fingers.
Desperation sweating from my pores,
Pouring from my lungs,
Lunging with the leap of my legs to
Escape this shrouded need.

Acid eating at my focus,
Concentrated sand in my palm.
Pressure cooker inkwell calling to be

Woven between these pages,
Traced between these lines,
Breathing, calling, dancing out
These loves you can't define.

Honeysuckle saltwater expressions,
Graphite twitching upon the tips,
Lives continue weaving
The puppet strings within your lips.

Hot air breathing breathless,
Tensing nothingness,
Bleeding water.

Emptiness demanding,
Pressed against the walls of your eyes and
Shattering the pen grasped in my palm.

(Freestyle paper inkblots,
Read desired with your invisible ink.)