Swallow me whole, baby,
(I can't take the silence.)

It feels like I've been walking this road for
Ages, dug my own footsteps in the concrete.
Kick aside the pebbles and pretend that
The last stone strewn didn't look just like you.

(Are we still falling?)

Kick me aside like the dog
You never wanted.
(Never got around to grooming the mutt.)

And it feels like this majesty is
Burning to the

Ash-filled craters burn
Beneath your feet;
Am I calling you?
(Or maybe that was the other her.)

My phone's stuck on redial and
My voice is stuck on spiral.
Breathe me in and spit me out,
Swallow the ring on your finger and forget the
Day you slid it on.

(I wonder if you cried...)

The seams to this day are
And the strings are falling
To your feet.
(Don't trip, I don't know
If I'll be there to catch you.)

Breaking me down
Into miniscule pieces
Like the gravel you used to take
From the bottom of your shoe.

(You told me it was for good luck-
The kind we never had.)

If lucky pebbles powered
Time machines
I would return it all.
(Do they give out receipts for love?)

And maybe it'd be easy to forget.

Run away from this
(If only it were that simple)

And wish me away.

(The pathetic truth is it would take
A million and one wished upon stars to
Drag me away from you.)

Giving up would be only too easy,
Only too easy,
Only too easy.

Broken record buildings that
Repeat the same slums to you.
Skyscrapers to townhouses,
(I wonder which one you would've liked.)

They scream down to their shaking foundations,
Down to your ravaged lungs.
(Take a breath for me and
I swear it'll be okay.)

(Define okay.)

Broken logs splinter at your feet
As you tread upon their faces,
Step all over their voices and
Walk away unconcerned.
(Concern is for the weak, you'd say.)

Drop your rocks into the gutter and
Let the tires rumble across it.
(I get a feeling you won't need them anymore.)

Release your luck and come to your senses.

(Found senseless to waste time upon
Pleading for your denial,
For backs do not hear as well as ears
Over distance gathered.)