Toxic tender touches
Trail across these buttons slowly.

(Am I awake?)

And these poisons that slip
Down our throats,
Into our minds and
Crawl through our jeans
Seem like they're all we have.

(Aren't they?)

Clink, she speaks to you,
A tender kiss of a friendly lover;
Mindless melancholy driven
Out the window of your mind.

(As it melts away.)

And these words begin to
Trip over themselves,
(Step, sway, fall to the
Ground that reeks of

Spew a spray of solidarity
(Because you're lost within your own world,
One that crumbles beneath your feet and
Grows cobwebs at the edges.)

But when tile becomes eye-level and
Your dues must be paid,
Your scales tell you an
Empty heap of empty stomachs and an
Empty heart
Won't pay the