I'm begging,
Please let me have this release,
Just take heed to my last breath.

I'm making no sense, she tells me,
And I've never seen such fear in her eyes.

Chlorine tears dig ravines in your chest,
Sizzle against my lips with your kiss.
(I wish you wouldn't kiss so softly,
I can practically taste your disappointment.)

Why must you be so tender?
Scrape against me with your screams,
Lay your fists upon my face and|
I swear I'll never stop thanking you.

Because I can't breathe in such kindness,
(Granite's always been easier to swallow then cotton,)

And maybe you'll forget me
When the dust you leave behind engulfs.
(I'll keep my wishes to myself,
Sandy tears couldn't blind me too badly.)

Call me doctor, bring me the hose,
I'll abort this love and
You'll never taste me again.
(Please excuse the leather gloves,
They tell me my practice is unorthodox.)

I'll sew the wings to your feet if I must,
Watch you fly to the finish line without your baggage.
(I forgot that duct tape never works on wheels.)

I'll take back all my clumsy sorries
And hand you back a million more.
I warned you of all I had to offer
(But I pulled my best knives from my back
Before handing them over to you.)

When balance fails you, I'll help you up,
But one day my feet will become too heavy,
And when your ribs pierce your heart,
Just remember, I told you I was awkward.
(You were just too perfect not to fall on.)

Then maybe your tears will patch you up like
My (hollow) apologies never could.

(Maybe if you took it as truth
I'd accept the lies eventually too.)