I Once Was Your Closest Companion, 2

Copyright -Noctilucous- 2009

It was the twelfth hour. In an exquisite Night.
I always loved the Night.
And I was in the Sandman's sweet embrace; deep inside slumber.
(Little girl, little girl)

A dim memory, from so long ago.
I am awakened.
Something; or someone is calling me.
Calling my heart's wings to fly.
(Do you remember me?)

The shadow in the corner of my eyes seduced me.
To follow him. Deep into Mother Night's labyrinth.
(Come with me, little raven, I'll show you Paradise)
Is this Heaven? I feel so alive, like the Vampires.
I danced with the Moonlight and had a waltz with the Stars.
But the last dance would be his.

(I opened the gate into the Land Of Dreams)
In the Midnight Sky, the Sun is rising
In the Midnight Sky, a thousand different colors exploded.
Inundated me in its glory.

I was your only friend in cold sorrow.
I was the one who taught you how to Dream.
I am the Prince from the deepest corner
Of your psyche.

(Little girl, little raven; my Lady)
My Beloved has returned.