A kyo Sohma X OC Fan fiction

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A sigh escaped discouraging lips and pouty ice blue eyes peered out the window. Silver hair glossed over bare shoulders and a scent of boredism can be felt in an aura in the cramped up room

"All you had to do was leave me behind…"

"Wha? Leave you behind, no..I couldn't do that to you, just sit there quietly or your anger will get the best of you."

"Feh…anger?, I'm hardly angry"

-That memory burns in my mind-

'How could I have done things more differently, how can I be what he once knew?'

Her ice blue eyes surveyed her surroundings. She was completely drained of any energy unknown to man. Her eyes were cold lifeless, and dim. She had several cuts across her body and bled deeper from a wound on her hip. A trail of blood fell from her body she was weak but continued moving on forwards into the woods. There a 2-story home stood and such loud voices could be heard from inside.

"Stupid cat"

"Don't call me stupid, you dumb rat" a boy spat out the door before coming outside and into the rain.

The orange haired boy looked abit older then herself seemed to look wide eyed in her direction, but she could barely tell.


The orange haired boy seemed to ignore the calling of a younger girl's voice. Anger seethed in what seemed to be red eyes. He was close to her by this time from before. Her body seemed to relax at the scent of him. Blood still lightly poured from her would that was covered in mud and icky filth. Her breathing became labored and soon enough her body was becoming numb. A slight whimper escaped her parched lips, at this very moment, she knew she was dying. She must've whimpered louder than she thought b/c the boy no known to be kyo jumped startled at the sudden noise. He stood there, and it continued to rain harder. He walked over into her direction and the very sight of how she was at that very moment sickened him. Her eyes were glossed over and her body was wet yet damp with large amounts of blood. She showed no sign of movement except of her chest to signal that she was still breathing and alive but barely. She was hanging on by a thread. Kyo stayed calm he knows if he were to panic he could cause her to become startled.

"Don't move" he told her

"……" she didn't make any attempt to move or talk for that matter. Tears threatened to escape her eyes but she held them back. Kyo went and kneeled down at her side and placed his arms underneath her. With steadiness he picked her up and carried her bridal style. She leaned in close to him for his warmth but she was still tiff in his hold. Kyo made his way up to the house that was tow stories. Aya couldn't hold on any longer and pass out from blood loss. Her body went limp. She was completely weak and drained of energy to even open her eyes.

-Someone's pov-

Kyo walked into the house with someone in his arms. The person was covered in wet and dry blood and dirt. Their skin was pale and her eyes were a dim dull blue. Tohru ran up to kyo asking him what happened.

"I found her like this."

"Maybe you should call hatori" I spoke up

"r-righ tohru said." As she went to the phone to dial the number. She spoke shortly on the line before hanging up the phone.

"Tori-san said he'll be here in a few minutes. In the meantime we should get her cleaned up. Kisa will you please help me along with rin and kagura?"

Kisa nodded her head slowly and stood next to tohru.

"If you're not a girl then leave!" kagura yelled. Shigure, hatsuharu, kyo, yuki, momiji and hiro left. That's when the girls started getting to work.

Shigure, hatsuharu, kyo, yuki, momiji, and hiro sat in the other room waiting for news to come through about the mysterious girl.

the girls got to work filling a bucket with warm/hot soapy water, a rage and a sponge. they realized they needed to be careful with her. they started with the sponge washing of her face. they undid her clothes removing her shirt to get at the cuts on her torso. when they turned her to the side she had a deep claw like cut that had new and dried blood seeping through. rin and tohru handled this b/c kagura couldn't stand the sight of blood and they had kisa go into the other room in return for asking of yuki, kyo and haru's help. all 3 of the boys grimaced looking at the deep wound in her side. by this time hatori had mad his way in. he looked at the sight going on and too grimaced at her wound.

"carefully clean that wound by first cleaning off the old blood and dirt, use a sponge with the soap to clean and set the ick off."

he spoke calmly. they dis so lathering with soap and hot water. they applied it to her side and jumped back startled at the sudden movements of the injured girl. her eyes were alive showing ice cold silver-blue color. it apparently stung to where she awoke. her eyes showed utter fear it only lated a minute, then her eyes were dead and dim again befor she passed out. this time haru caught a hold her.

"poor thin is scared."

rin looked at tohrus saddened eyes. aya was so weak that she transformed without noticing herself. it wasn't at all like that of the animal in the zodiac's transformation but more subtle. it was a whit wolf. blood had matted its fur. and the eyes still the same dull blue dead on the inside showing no sigh of life after she was cleaned, hatori-san went to work. only time would tell if she would wake up or even be alive.

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