Bombshells bursting through the air,

A new battle has begun.

The gunmen line up

So courageously

And wait for their turn,

Their time.

When will it come?

There's screaming in the background,

The cries of shattering pain.

New rivers of red

Scarring the ground,

Rising with each

Passing second.

Who will be next?

Families live their lives afraid

For something that

Could leave them


In a day,

In a second.

How much longer?

Fear is stifled for pride,

Murder disguised

As heroic feats.

Evil portrayed

As natural-

Nothing here is natural.

Will we ever realize?

Lifeless corpses litter

The dying ground-

Brother and sisters,

Mothers, fathers.

Best friends,


Who will be next?

Bombshells bursting through the air,

The sky is now on fire.

One by one

People disappear

Until suddenly

All that's left

Is silence