This was written for an English assignment, where we were told to create a poem based on the poem of the same name by George Ella Lyon. A few of the things are in reference to really specific things that it would probably take someone who knows me well to figure out, and some of them are just worded with really confusing figurative language. For people who haven't read the original poem (and/or been assigned the English assignment), it's basically about early childhood.

I am from faraway worlds, starships and dragons' eyes

Peeking out between the pages of a book

I am from wooden towers and concrete jungles,

From cookie-cutter houses and straight-edge lawns

I am from wooden roller coasters ringed by chain-link fences

I am from clip-clop, clip-clop, winding through the trees

I am from a light dusting of powdered sugar, puffing with each breath

Dissolving on my tongue

I am from mole-holes on a hill, tumbling and laughing

Sharp barks and nervous puppy-kisses

I am from Frisbees flying over seas of sand, grass, water

The scrabble of claws on a hardwood floor

Dust bunnies guarding lost balls

I am from colorful blankets and glassy eyes

I am from nursery rhymes and campfire songs

Jumping rope and jumping on the bed

I am from lake-side beaches and slip-and-slides

From running, jumping in the water

Hiding from the sun

I am from rainbow lights, prickly green needles that smell like air freshener

From shiny wrapping paper;

Shake to guess what's inside

I am from random moments, spontaneous fun

A tree with flowers every color of the rainbow

I am from soaring on the wings of a great purring bird

Back-and-forth, back-and-forth, until the magical becomes mundane

I am from matching clothes and sisters by heart-not-blood

From sleepovers and whispered confidences

From 'forget-me-not' and 'please write'

I am from 'see-you-next-year's and 'call-soon's

From friends made in a week, never seen again

From a thousand numbers never dialed

I am from family reunions, chasing butterflies with my cousins

Blackberry pies and mixed-up names, an isolated cabin

Princess outfits and railroad tracks

I am from a million scattered moments

Like droplets from a puddle

Shining in the light before falling to the ground