United Riders for Freedom

To no one,

That one.
The silent one.
She is Lord Assume's love.

That's what they call me. That's what they say about me. I'm the silent one. The silent lady, if you may. I'm silent because I don't, no, won't speak. Ever since I came to this country, I have not said a word. It's because of my 'husband', Assume. I hate him.

He rules over this country called Anatevka. He claims to be a rider, but he hunts us. I don't know why he hunts his own people. Assume is an evil man and I want to be away from him. But I'm terrified of him. I might be a level 8, but I'm powerless here.

The reason for my silence is so our marriage 'ceremony' won't be complete. If I say anything the marriage will be completed and I will lose my rider powers. So my 'husband' is not really mine. For that, I thank God.

I have longed to leave the castle, but I know that I won't. I am well guarded and protected because the rumor in the country is that Assume really loves me and will do anything to keep me safe. The truth is very different. He will do anything to protect me, but not for love. It is because I am a prize. I am the master of three elements: I can use water, wind and fire. We call it "riding" as when people who use elements look like they are riding them. We have levels of power. Levels 1-3 is only one element, 4-6 is two and 7-9 is three. If a person has four elements then they are a level 10. I'm the strongest that he could have kidnapped.

That blasted man that calls himself my husband is a level 10! I wish I was not so scared. I wish-

As the sound of knocking at a young woman's door, she stands. The woman, no older than 20, crosses the room and hides the book she was writing in, in the corner of a grand bed in the center of the room. She then opens the door.

A smile child bows politely and says, "Lady Kathryn, the master calls for you." The woman, Lady Kathryn, nods stiffly to the child and steps out of the room.

Looking left and right, she sees her guards, two burly men covered in armor. She sighs and pulls out her bracelets, the things that force her rider power into remission. As she is being led to her master, the Lady Kathryn thinks to herself, I don't want to see him. Anyone but him! I would rather be dead than here. I was a fool for not fighting at first.

As many times as she thinks this, she knows that she won't do anything. She will continue to live this life of fear.

"We are here," the child intones. He was shaking because of fear of their master. Lady Kathryn placed her hand on his shoulder and sent him a calming smile. A calm she did not feel, but she had to put up a brave face, if not for her then for at least the child. The child looked up at her, smiled weakly and turned to leave her at the door of the audience chamber with her guards. Lady Kathryn took a deep breath, put her hands on the door and pushed it open. An older man was at the center of the room, with what appeared a brightly colored scarf in his hands. He was completing a fire Kata, a set of movements designed to help a warrior train his mind and body. He was so absorbed in his movements that he did not notice her at all, thankfully. Lady Kathryn, in turn, made no movements to show that she was there. She waited for her guards to enter and alert him.

"Ah, you are here, my lady," he said in a falsely charming voice. The look she sent him in response spoke of defiance and hate. "My little pretty, must you look at me that way? You know it hurts my feelings," said the man, Assume. He looked up and crossed to the window, which looked out on what was a beautiful city, the capital city of Anatevka, Millikan but now it was in shambles thanks to the rule of Assume.

"My little pet, do you long to leave my presence, my castle, my wonderful country? That is the reason you won't speak, isn't it?" He laughed, and then looked, puzzled, out the window. "You won't speak! No matter what I do, you won't speak! Do you hate me that much, that you won't speak a word? The people are getting restless, my lady." He turned around rapidly, flinging his arms out. Fire sprayed out, and rushed toward her.

Kathryn stood still, fighting the urge to scream and run. The fire whipped around her face and clothes, not touching her, but coming very close. Assume straightened and growled at her. She kept a blank face.

"You have gotten better, my lady Kathryn. You have not reacted to anything I have done in days. My patience is wearing thin. You WILL be my wife. You, the strongest of your people, the neighboring country of Kemit, have had your powers sealed. Do you realize that it is hopeless? Just give up and speak!" He ceased his rant right in front of her. He was breathing heavily and had grown closer to her with each sentence. Kathryn looked right at him, a look that clearly said, Have you finished?

"You are still refusing to speak! I will . . ." He was going to continue but thought better of it. He smiled a sick and sadistic smile. "Go to your rooms and stay there. I will come for you at dinner and some entertainment," he said. Lady Kathryn turned on her heel and walked straight out of the room. Assume watched her go. As the door shut, he said to the empty room, "Soon, my dear. You will be mine soon."

As Kathryn walked into her room, she gave into the tears that were from fear. She dreaded dinner. She hated it when Assume made her eat dinner with him. Him and his 'entertainment! It was horrific, barbaric even. It was usually the torture of a rider he had captured, which just served to remind her why she hated this man. When Kathryn's door came into view, the feeling surrounding her changed. She felt that change, and looked around. Her guards did not seem to notice anything, but she did. Moving forward, she opened the door and walked into her room. Kathryn had gotten as far as her bed before her guards entered. The guards had just crossed the threshold when they were knocked unconscious with a loud clang. Kathryn turned around and was pulled into a tight embrace, while a cloth was placed over her mouth and nose. As she lost consciousness, she heard a voice say, "Sorry about this, Lady Kathryn of Kemit."

Her last thought was, Am I really this easy to kidnap?

For being a castle of king, this place employs amazingly stupid guards. To get into Lady Kathryn's room had been very easy. You just march up and tell the guards stationed there that you are replacements and then they go away! Maybe it was when you try to get out that they stop you. Foolish King!

Lady Kathryn is a strange one. First she shows up to marry Assume, now she won't finish the ceremony. I know she's a level 8 rider—why the hell is she even here? She is powerful, so why? The country of Kemit says that she was kidnapped so maybe this is true? This Lady Kathryn is very confusing. And she is always writing in her journal! No letters just the journal. Strange.

Ah, footsteps! Here they come. The door opens and a young woman with red hair comes in. The men stationed at the door know not to attack her, but rather her guards. With a clang, the guards collapse. Lady Kathryn turns around and I sneak up behind her and put a cloth to her face. I whisper an apology as she blacks out. I pick her up and walk to the window, as I signal my men to get the journal I know that Kind wants to see.

Both my men jumped out the window and flew to the watch tower, where we have a spy on the guards. One of my men signals that everything is clear. I jump out the window and activate my wind powers to bring Lady Kathryn and I across. Once I have landed on that tower, I just need to get to basement level, where a tunnel has been prepared to bring us to base.

I run down a flight of stairs when the call comes out. Our 'guard' has his radio on and when the call for him to check in comes over the static, he turns in off. He looks at me and says, "You had better hurry. I can only stall for so long. Good luck, Lord John!" He pushes us into the tunnel. My men turn and start to fill the tunnel with earth, as I race down the tunnel with Lady Kathryn in my arms.

The tunnel runs just short of our base. While this is good for hiding and confusing the enemy trackers it makes for a long run in the open. My well trained men know their jobs so I take Lady Kathryn to the base. Kind will be pleased that she is unharmed, or at least physically. I have no idea what kind of mental state she is in. Kemit is a very important ally to the URF and we need her to be safe. She is the most powerful woman from that country.

The United Riders for Freedom, we are a Rebel group. They fight the evil dictatorship of Assume. URF fights during the raids on the cities. They protect the innocent lives that can't leave Anatevka. They are the ones who try to save anyone who is in need of it. Apparently Lady Kathryn needs it. Kemit claims that she was kidnapped and had not come of her own free will.

At last I reach the tunnel entrance; crouching down, I look up at the opening and the star filled night sky. Pushing all my wind power to my feet, I jump up and land gracefully on the grass. I look around for anyone that might have seen me but there is no one. I turn to go the base. Lady Kathryn starts to stir but then stills again. The chloroform is starting to where off. I reach the entrance and see a guard hidden in the trees surrounding the entrance.

The guard recognizes me but follows protocol. He asks me three questions and when I answered them correctly he let me pass into the waterfall. Our entire operation is behind the waterfall where there is a tunnel and then a small forest on the other side along with a lake. It is cliché but no one has found the base yet to we are good. As I enter the base; I ask for Kind and am told that our leader is in a meeting.

To wait for my leader, I go to the largest building along the lake. It's the office building. After getting a cot for Lady Kathryn and putting her in my office, I go to Kind's office. Kind is my brother and is only 11. He is a prodigy and a level 10. He is in charge of the whole operation from the day to day life, to being the brain child (no pun intended) of most of the military plans. I am 21 and in charge of the military operations (meaning that I participate in all of them). It works out that an 11 year old is in charge of his 21 year old brother… oh well.

Kind walks into his office and I greet him. "Good evening, Kind."

"Good evening, John. I hope the mission was completed." He sent me a look that wanted answers.

"She is in my office so come with me and I will explain what happened on the way there." I started for the door and Kind followed.

Two people came into a room. Kind was the shorter one of the two. He was tall and thin for his age but was still shorter than John. John was taller and more muscular. Both had light brown hair. This is John's office and Kathryn was unconscious on a cot in a corner of the room. The room was cold so Kind lit a fire in the fireplace with snap of his fingers.

"I wish you would not do that so casually. It makes your big brother look bad!" John said with a grin. He was really proud of his brother.

Kind smiled and shot right back a response. "Well, if you were more than a level 7, then we would be good!" Then he got serious. "I see no physical harm on her, as you said. But you don't know if she is mentally ok?"

John nodded. "Yes, that's true. There might be clues in her journal. But if what Kemit says is right then I'd rather not invade her privacy. Let's wait until she wakes up."

Kind murmured an agreement. He turned to the still form of Kathryn and placed a hand on her head. Kathryn moaned and her eyes opened. She gasped at the sight of the two boys and sat up quickly.

John held out a hand to her to help her up out of the cot. Kind smiled at her and greeted her formally, "Hello, Lady Kathryn of The Country of Kemit, welcome to the U.R.F."

Yes, the Country of Anatevka is from Fiddler on the Roof and Kind is German for child...... I think. This was not bataed so anyone willing? There will be more to come I promise!