Yearbook Signing

Do you remember last year?

It wasn't so long ago

I was signing your yearbook
"Friends forever"

Now, this same exact day

A year later

You won't even look at me.

I'll look at your signature

From last year

And cry, simply cry

Because unlike you,

I actually meant what I said

"I'll always love you"

Did you forget your now broken promises?

Wait. I already know you didn't.

You remember them as well as I do

You just choose to ignore me.

That's alright I guess

I know I'm forgettable

But that doesn't lessen the pain.

I would sign your yearbook again

But there would be no name to sign

All it would say would be


I hope you enjoy high school

I know I won't

Because all I'll be able to think about

Are all the things

I wish I had said to you.

I'll always miss you.

"Friends forever"…?