I can feel the hands of a clock

Ticking in my ear

Counting down the seconds

The minutes

The hours

The days

Until I get

To that one and only place.


I have tolerated the wait

Almost cherished it

Waiting oh so patiently

The love

The acceptance

The beauty

They will come

They will be given freely


Sometimes though

The wait is hurtful

Stabbing me with dread

Taunting my dreams

Will it actually come?

Will it stay if does?

Am I worthy?

Will I ever be?


But then I see those words

The ones that really count

Imagine them directed at me

And think of the amount

Think of how it will be

How it can be free

How I will have it

And have others receive it


So there you have it clock

There in your monotony

I will have what I deserve

Have what I dream

I shall receive that which I need

And give it as well

I can wait that much longer

Just you wait and see