White lipped corpses bubble up,
bursting and plopping across themselves
to luminesce the languish
of a dead sea,
lanternfish maws clawing at my eyelids;
these dreams redeem
old childhood paranoia.

entrails tripping insignificantly
while I writhe,
alive but only just
because seduction isn't strong enough
to deify denial;
love lurks in corners for the morning,
but right now I'm all alone.

Safety nets sprawl,
bodies rolling as rip pastries
beneath rough wicker weave;
bulbous eyes like grapes burst
between my teeth—
I'm eating nightmares
and it's lovely.

Wake me, darling,
but you're still sleeping in the next room
because I cry,
scream sometimes
when you have to get up early;
I'm sorry that we always come
to this.

Convulse (again),
breathing never hurt
before I asked too much
of necromantic reasoning,
bones licked clean
from in between defiance;
slide inside,
my infant lovers,
climb against my ribs for borrowed oxygen.

Cadavers surface,
Y-incisions gaping
where students didn't sew them up
empty chests imbibing brine
in merry anarchy;
marinate your mothers
while the others slip aside,
divide before this flimsy hull
of matchboard.

Slender limbs detach,
catch me unaware,
fingernails clambering up my spine
to draw white lines of shuddering
beneath lank hair,
too stressed to wash it properly
when waking lets me live a little lighter
while the sun adorns the sky.

But night will come again
to steal my eyes.