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AN: As promised, here's the basic information of Spike Ellis and the gang. (See my supernatural story: P.S I bite) It's basically just a summary of their bios. I'll be posting more about them soon. From their faves to the story of their lives (separate story). I will also post the profile of the humans and the other characters that will be featured soon. Some unlockables (Characters that are yet to appear in the story) too.

It's your chance to get to know the Coven. It will help with reading my story :)

I'm also looking for interested illustrators for my characters. Interested? Read the footer at the end of the profiles. 


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From the Oracle's Court files of the Vergil lineage...


SPIKE ELLIS (Coven leader)


Human name: Peter Richarde Maltese Rainharte (or Rainhart)

Adoptive name: Peter van Corte (Adoptive mother: Elise Van Corte)


Physical: 19
Real: more or less 119 (wow, a perfect hundred years!)

Birthday: Sept. 14, 1890

Deathday: Oct. 31, 1909

Birthplace/Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Human- British-American

Fast fact: He is often joked as the Brit without the accent by his fellow Vampires. He has this weird thing when he unconsciously speaks with an accent and reverts to straight American.

Celestial- Vampire (Fang tribe)


Day: College freshman in Blythegoe University currently taking up Creative Writing
"Night" : Pandora's vox/frontrunner, lyricist and composer (Fast fact: he can play violin)

Fast fact: all of them are models

Eye Color

He has piercing clear-water blue eyes which turns into a grim shade of crimson whenever he thirsts for blood.

Note: wears eye glasses in human form

Hair Color

Human- Scarlet-Chestnut

Vampire- Midnight black or jet black which sometimes appears to have red streaks on the tip of his hair. (emo-ish at first but dons a cleaner cut after a while)


All vampires in general are gifted with unbelievable strength and speed. But it seems that Spike is the sole Vampire whohas the ability to create and sing dirges guised as normal compositions. (A dirge is a somber song expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral. The English word "dirge" is derived from the LatinDirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam ("Direct my way in your sight, O Lord my God"), the first words of the first antiphon in the Matins of the Office for the Dead. The original meaning of "dirge" in English referred to this office)


-Spike is a traditional Vampire therefore, he drinks blood.

-He can temporarily satisfy his thirst by drinking animal blood (although, his body at times rejects it) and eating human food especially the juicy ones like strawberries, apples, cherries and apparently, lollipops.


-generally nice and helpful but he can get very aggressive and angry easily when taunted. He is also a bit cocky but he gets along well with others. He likes keeping things to himself and doesn't really show what he is feeling.



Human name: Freydrick Serlay, Ph.D, M.D (FREED-RIK Sir-LAY)


Physical: 23
Real: 229 (at least that's what he claims)

Birthday: Dec. 23, 1780

Deathday: June 4, 1803

Birthplace/Hometown: Paris, France


Human- French (That's what he claims at least…)

Celestial- Vampire (Fang tribe)


Day: University Guidance Counselor and Psychiatrist

Fast fact: He was a French noble.

"Night" : Pandora's lead guitarist, second vox, composer

Eye Color

Famous for his opal eyes. Although, in Vampire mode, he has attributed the trait to change his eye color to red whenever he's emotionally disturbed

Fast fact: He sometimes wears reading glasses because he thinks that it makes him look more Professor-ish.

Hair Color (length-long)

Human- Frosted chardonnay

Vampire- Silvery Moon/ Very pale blond

Fast fact: He is often seen wearing a ponytail (mortal form or as Freydrick Serlay)


Can create illusions, negate nightmares and distort dreams. He also considers seducing and picking up women as a skill.


Dreams, delusions.

Fast fact:The oldest among the coven and the first to accept Mikael Vergil's (Vergil's grandfather) guardianship.

Personality: (think Giacomo Casanova)

-he is straightforward, flirtatious, annoying, extremely handsome, intelligent and self absorbed at times. But he's the one who cares most for the coven. Although he and Spike have a love-hate relationship, he's the closest to him. As Peter Rainharte's legal guardian, he stands as the father figure in Spike's life.



Human name: Arthemis 'Aries' Psinakis (SEE-na-Kiss)


Physical: 20
Real: 89

Birthday: Feb. 13, 1920

Deathday: Jan. 1, 1941

Birthplace/Hometown: Ios, Greece


Human- Greek-American

Celestial- Vampire (Fang tribe)


Day: College Sophomore studying Classical Ballet and Theatre

"Night" : Pandora's second vox, keyboardist, rhythm guitarist

Eye Color

Soft Blue

Hair Color

Human- Strawberry blond (She dyed her hair this color after she was found by Mikhael Vergil. She wanted to forget about her roots for personal reasons…She's actually a natural brunette)

Vampire- Platinum blond with colorful streaks

Fast fact: She is often seen with different hairstyles; likes multi-colored streaks in her hair.


Known as the 'Vamp who can do anything' for her capacity to mimic/attribute other abilities. She is also the swiftest and most dangerous since her ability is also considered her thirst. She is able to possess new abilities usually by just a touch of the skin but, there are times when she needs to drink the blood of the person who bears the ability she wants.


She thirsts for talent and luck. Although her methods may seem complex, the way she feeds is generally harmless. She doesn't need to feed regularly unlike the blood-bound Vampires such as Spike and regular human food could satiate her hunger.


-carefree, motherly and just plain down to earth. She is the only female vampire making her the most adventurous and dangerous. She considers herself as a gothic Lolita and loves to dress in eccentric pieces. She's the closest Trance.



Human name: Axel St. James


Physical: 26
Real: ???

Birthday: Dec. 23, ????

Deathday: June 4, ????

Fast fact: No one really knows for sure, how old Axel is. He doesn't speak much of his past but according Vergil's findings, he might be just in between the real age of Spike and Twilight.

Birthplace/Hometown: Vienna, Austria


Human- Austrian

Celestial- Vampire (Fang tribe)


Day: Nurse

"Night" : Pandora's bassist

Eye Color



Hair Color (style- length-clean cut)

Human- Light ash brown

Vampire-a darker shade of cobalt blue -streaked with black


Has the power to persuade or control minds.


Pax feeds on people's emotions, most often times, fear. Ill feelings keep him quenched.


-most mature in the coven. He's the common ground for everyone. He doesn't like to talk much but he's a great listener and the best adviser of the group. Don't mess with him though, his temper is legendary. Although, he's known as the silent type, he's rumored to be the best when it comes to relationships. He hates it when he's placed in the middle of making decisions and prefers to remain neutral. Axel as Pax is the most sought after when it comes to endorsements because of his very model-esque physique.



Human name: Lexon Hagne (LECSON HAYNE)

Age: 18

Birthday: April 1, 1991 (He gets teased a lot because of his birthday.)

Deathday: (He's still alive ^_^)

Birthplace/Hometown: Newport, California


Human- American

Celestial- Werewolf/ Lycan (Fang tribe)


Day: College Freshman studying Fine Arts

"Night" : Pandora's Drummer

Eye Color

Soft blue

Hair Color(length-just above the shoulders)

Human- Butter scotch with dark blue tips

His appearance on stage: His hair is colored in a combination of coppery red and blue-black tips and some streaks of his natural hair color. (Although, most often times, he uses a specially made wig. When in human form he is often seen wearing a bonnet/cap and goggles.)

Note: In wolf form, his fur has a shimmering blue black color


Can shapeshift into a werewolf…




-the youngest of the group. Unlike the others who are accustomed to the Upper East Side life, he prefers the sunny atmosphere in his hometown in Orange County. He likes sports a lot especially skateboarding. He's like the twin brother of Gloria, the two are very kind hearted and down to earth but they are infamous for their troublesome antics.


Full name: Marius Vergil (MARYUUS VER-JIL or VER-HIL)

Age: 25

Birthday: March 26

Deathday: (He's still alive ^_^)

Birthplace/Hometown: Brasov, Romania


Human- Romanian

Celestial- Seer (middle ranked Oracle)


Day: Businessman? (He does a lot of things…)

"Night" : Pandora's Manager, Seer, Coven's Guardian

Eye Color


Hair Color(preferred length-short)

Human- dark brown


Can see the future and has an extended life span.




-stuck up and a little OC. He likes to joke around but gets easily teased when he's the target. He's pressured with his job and Seer training. He is often seen with his phone. He cares a lot for the Coven he's entrusted to, but sometimes cares too much. He hates to lose and has a huge fetish with money. He's very generous when it comes to the Coven and the special occasions but hates it when the Coven spends money in useless things. He's great with strategizing and organizing but hates to do work when rushed.

AN: More deets to be posted soon. All characters will have their bios posted. Check out my story to learn more about Pandora.

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Pandora's Box just opened, and a challenge lurks inside for artists…


I'm looking for artists preferably those who draw in Manga or Japanese Anime form (but any style is welcomed) to help with making my supernatural story posted in come alive. Are you one? Or know anyone?

For those who haven't read my story or have anyway, you more or less know that I do not have any images that represent my characters. Only borrowed interpretations that I find in the net.

Are we gonna get paid? Why should we help?

I think it's about time that they show up, don't you think?

Those who are interested have to understand that I will NOT give any payment. I'm only asking this as a favor. But to those whose works I've chosen, I will credit them on my sites and advertise the artist/s. Note that I will not limit my choice to only one artist and one sketch. I will choose the work/s of an artist/s which I think best interpreted a/the certain character/s in the story. Besides! It's fun!

Why do I want an artist?

Mainly because, I can't draw...Also, I plan on joining the Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards this Spring, (June 1 is the start of nominations). It will really help if I get people to illustrate my characters. So that they could really visualize my story. It's not really about the contest, I just really dreamed of seeing Pandora come alive.

But what will we draw?

For those who have not read my story in the Spike Ellis account in Multiply and here, my story revolves around Vampire Covens, Oracles/Seers, Mortals, and special characters who look like archangels named Grims. But for now, I'm looking for people to interpret my 4 Vampires, 1 werewolf, 2 mortals and 1 Seer. And if the artists are still interested after the completion of the main characters, they could help out with the cooler, nemesis of Pandora.

What else can you tell us about your main characters?

First off, they are Rockstars (literally). The 5 members-Spike (vox), Gloria (Keyboard/Rhythm guitar), Twilight (lead guitarist/second vox), Pax (bassist) and Trance (drums)- are part of a famous band named Pandora. They are Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be Vampires.
When they are human, they have a different appearance and they also use their real names.
Basically, for each main Character, there are two different guises. Get it?

This is a modern tale with a twist so pretty much anything goes.

I have attached their primary descriptions in this post to let those interested have an idea of what I'm looking for.

Do I have to draw all of them? It's a lot of work!

-Nope. One character interpretation is just fine. I can't force an artist to draw all of them if he doesn't want to. An artist can draw as many character/s as he/she wants. If there are a lot of interested participants, I'll choose the best interpretation of the character and use it as the official pic, the other artworks that are not chosen can still stand as fan art. Rest assured that I will do my best to post each drawing in my deviantart account.

Still, why should I draw? Will it be a contest?

-Besides doing a good deed, you get to share my vision, my dream. Think of it as a challenge! Hey, if there are a lot who'll respond to this, I might even turn this into a contest. I can't promise any cash prize or anything but I can assure the chosen artist/s bragging rights!

If I will join, how will I send my work?

First off, all participants should send me a PM first so that I could give my e-mail address. You could also click on my Twitter page (homepage).

Last question, is there a deadline?

Good question, as of now. There is no deadline. The important thing is that the artist has time and once he/she accepts the challenge, we'll negotiate the date from then on. Although I do suggest, that after the artist has agreed to draw for me, I'd like to see some work after a month. Sounds long enough don't you think? But, I'll be accepting work beyond that date.

Thanks for viewing!