Grind and bump in order to
Forget the fact that
You may be deaf to pleas,
That these words have torn from impact.

Feel the kiss upon your ear,
The friendly touch of a familiar song to
Ease the fact that
Your tone is more distant,
More concretely separated than
The miles could have ever devised.

No anguish greater than that in your sobs
(Save my lips electrocuted upon the barrier that
Now lies between the saltiness of your tears and
The salvation of my kisses.)

The most heartfelt poetry,
The most real of declarations,
The sweetest of offers from under bedsheets
All fall short of
Breaching the barricade.

The proudest day
(One of many we'd hoped to reach)

Decimated in the face of
These utterly clumsy feet.
(The ones that trampled over
Moments meant to be held sacred.)

And one-sided forgiveness will bring us nowhere.

(Yet we're already backtracking.)