I want you to walk upon the sand,
Dry as this mouth as I gasp, sigh.
(Part the seas for you and
Hold your hand along the way.)

The wind that caresses my senses,
Swirls upon my skin and dances on my lips.
(We know that every draft was yours.)

The music that serenades through the night,
Their words transformed,
Their chords strumming against these heartbeats,
Against these lungs as they deflate, fill, deflate.

(For you are what they breathe these days.)

To be the lips on your eyelids, your cheeks when
Tears fall,
To be the hand over your hair,
The rain on your tongue and
The blood in your cheeks,
These are the dreams that reflect through windows and
Amend the shadows spilled moonlight forms.

These hands will bend silver into songs,
Turn sighs into lyrics and
Hold you close for ages.

(Ages over ages,
Skin over skin and
Hearts on top of hearts.)

And as these seconds spill over the edge and
Become minutes, hours, days,
We just might ponder the clocks and
Wonder where they race to.

(Maybe these mind tricks are really
Flutters of the heart,
Distorting our perception and
Fogging our minds.)

For there really is no time but the
Time within embraces.

(So long as the arms are yours.)