Sleepy serenades that
Sing for eardrums when the
Only light that warms your smile is
The kind radiating from within it.

(Is this really all it takes?)

And when he reaches,
Breaches barriers in the
World that sleep entraps one in,
The tinkling bell of a laugh is the
Only wave that
Crashes over these features,
The salt scrubbing free the

("I only ever wanted you to be happy.")

These are the moments that linger on the tips of our
Tongues, the edges of our
Minds, the rims of our
Lips that we
Drag our breaths across –
Raggedly wanton or
Irreconcilably sweet.

(In any case, these knees will surrender.)

Train your eyes on the sky,
On the stars that paint your pupils and
Leave me lost in them for days.

I've said I'm freefalling, but
Baby, I'm falling up,
(Heights have always left me shaky)

Through the clouds and into constellations
(The kinds we'd make up together
Just to hear the bells)

And maybe we'll make it,
Plummeting through the Milky Way and
Into each other's hearts,
Hands entwined
(With my thumb over yours,
Another detail I'm dying to share)

As pasts collide with
Present participles that crash into
Our future.

(Dark rooms that hold
A million and one memories
That truly last forever.)