Let the raindrops cover my face and
I'll save a puddle for you.
Don't worry so much about me,
I'm already having a bad hair lifetime.

Step lightly on the clouds,
Dear God, this place looks so familiar,
Yet you can't walk up here forever
For those below need blue skies someday.

Hot coal dropped down from your grasp,
Or maybe I've slipped myself.
Irresistible fog you have over my mind
…did I forget to mention it gives me asthma?

Cough, choke, please,
Drive me off this bridge and crash,
Crack my ribs and burst my lungs,
(We won't need them where we're going.)
And I promise I'll hold your hand
When we break the water's surface.

Breathe out air, breath in water,

Sit back and let it collapse your lungs,
(Air is overrated anyway.)
Bubbles rising to the surface and
Dancing over your skin.
(I'll be gentle when I brush them off,
Leave your face unmarked by those of the past.)

And maybe you'll realize it's not so scary,
(Or maybe I'm just used to drowning.)

Either way, we're going down.

…and it's never seemed so lovely.