Pool of black,
words of swords,
and swords were the only chance
for the forced, enchanted one.

White wings of an angel,
To and from the sky.

Little friends look up,
remembering their future apart.

The heart of the earth,
breathes into their life,
making them believe their fate
is written in stone.

But that stone has a sword in it,
A sword of power,
like a King's sword,
believing a wizard's word.

Thinking you'll never go home sweet home,
but you'll fly on and on alone.

Romance was destroyed for a prince,
of passion for the light,
of her beautiful wings.

Silent swords falling,
on the soul of a beast.
Singing for the dawn
of tomorrow.

A witch in a tower,
waiting for some rescue,
By her son.

Instead got a black bird.

Roses fall,
Angels' call
for them.

They care,
but weren't there,
When he died.

A lad's broken tune,

Breaking the light of the wings of an Angels,
in which she and he would never be reunited.

Scared for the future,
Scarred from the past,
breathing in the now,
but tomorrow is unsure.

Live my life,
as I was all of these beings.

Never call on an Angel,
whose heart was broken,

Because then you will heal that heart,
and he will never let you go.

He will take you into the castle,
of the dark shadows of lost battlefields,
and you'll have to be his princess,
staying in his castle of dark shadows of lost battlefields.

There, on a dining table,
you compose a hundred,
to a thousand uncertain poems,
of angst poetry,
that you knew he would get.

You send them to his chamber,
but he ignores the sorrows in your eyes.

Then you realize, he will never notice,
he will never got back into heaven,
because he will keep you there, a prisoner, forever.

You compose another hundred; thousand pieces,
of your broken poetry of that past, he wants you to forget.

You close your eyes,
knowing home sweet home, had never been there.

You close your eyes,
shutting them away from his delight,
remembering all the ignored, hundred; thousand pieces

He never notice,
he never read.