It seems like years since she was alive
Not too long ago did she die
She never knew how much she did thrive
Till she lost her knack to survive

It was a change meant to bring happiness
She hasn't been the same way since
She began to feel like herself less and less
And there was soon nothing left to bless

She was pounded
Kicked around
Punched in the face till she could not see
She was weighed down
And could not find
The key to the door that could set her free

Well, the effects of change can't be reversed now
How this tragedy could come no one can guess how
All that's known is when she saw things start to change
She walked with it and found herself way out of her range

She never thought it could bring so much pain
Used to be so innocent, but now it's not a game
And that carefree smile won't be used again
A new person stands and looks back at her old dead friend

Now in mourning,
She walks a path
Unknown to her and tries to find
Her identity
To be set free
She must leave her old self behind
She must leave her dead self behind
Leave what's dead behind