Deep in the shadows

of a far away land,

not where the people

skip around hand in hand,

but where the hate and the rage

are your dominant traits,

and they trap you inside like a cage.

Do you ever think maybe you're dead?

Not to be confused with being hurt or mislead.

Has everyone left you behind?

To rot away in the far corners of their minds?

I sometime wonder,

Through the raging thunder,

Who else might just have the strength

to stay under and drown.

So you all listen now?

You escaped with my last ray of hope,

Turned my life into an uprising slope.

And now I may be lost in the dark,

Was your one goal in life

to throw me to the sharks?

I hope you have fun with everything you've stolen,

While I crawl around, trying to make myself whole again.

I just hope that it isn't too late,

To pull myself up and serve your well-deserved fate.

For what I would do to break these iron bars,

To cure myself of all of these three-inch-deep scars.

As if I could believe that you really had a heart,

Because if you did you wouldn't rip mine apart.

I will come back to get you,

And know what to expect.

What's the point in not fighting,

When you've nothing left to protect?

So know that I'm coming,

Or you can meet me here.

If you don't know where to find me,

I'll be the one knee-deep in tears.