Chapter 2: Diamond Rings and Car Explosions

Ruroshi drove forward into the metropolis of Tokyo. High Academy was just a few blocks from the city limits, and once you went into it, it was like a whole different world. Hisaki had also lived in the outskirts of the city, where it was almost like the country with the clean cut grass and the traditional Japanese houses that grazed the quiet lands. The city had turned into a vociferous and vile Babylon over the years. The city, now in the year 2028, was a place of corruption and decadence filled with troublemakers, thieves, and the greedy megalomaniacs that transformed it into the place it was today. Some people in the outskirts, including Hisaki's parents, called it Aku, meaning that it was pure evil. To be the richest and most powerful was the name of the game, and the fantasies and realities of having absolutely everything fueled even more avarice and inspired more people to aggrandize themselves higher than humanly possible.

Lights, signs, neon, and video screens smacked Hisaki in the face, but now it was nothing new since Hao took her there many times. Hao and Hisaki had been going out for a year and a half now, ever since Hisaki was 16- years -old and she met Hao her first year of high school. Hisaki was freshly 18-years- old, and Hao was 19 in his second year of university in America. He had come home for the weekend because in America, it was Spring Break. He couldn't wait to see her, the young girl who had become what it felt like to be his true love over a little amount of time. They always understood each other. Hisaki was a calm, quiet, and wise girl who many people came to for advice because she seemed to stay so cool in many situations. It was only the people from the city that bullied her because they were jealous of her connection with Hao. She was respected for the most part, but she didn't really have any close friends but Hao.

Hao on the other hand, was a very outgoing and socially influential party person. He loved to hit the clubs and fool around with girls, at least until he met Hisaki. Hao would be at some kind of party where he would drink and dance all night only to have an after party with the boys where they would carouse all over the town. He did still do that sometimes, but less since he started dating. Along with being a partygoer, he was the most eligible bachelor in Tokyo, and the Nakahiro family, which was his family, was one of the wealthiest families in Japan. Hao had everything he wanted ever since he was a small boy but now things were shifting ever since his mother was trying to betroth him to the beautiful yet rotten Yakaharo Miyako, who was the only female heir to her family's billion dollar business monopoly. He was a maverick among the myriad of boys who desired Miyako so badly. He had his mind set on one person.

"Hisaki-chan, I've been meaning to ask you something for a few weeks now…," said Hao touching her leg affectionately and smoothing her black pleated skirt.

"Yes?" she responded, resting her hands on his.

"Hisaki, I love you more than anything. You've always known how handle my feelings and I have a lot of feelings, and I can be a bit unstable sometimes but, I just want you to always be with me, always…I,"

"Hao, are you asking me to…?"she almost whispered because she was choking up with silent tears.

"Marry me, please, Hisaki," be blurted out, squeezing her next to him.

Her eyes met up with his beautiful light brown ones.

"My heart is usually closed because of my hurt and pain," Hisaki began.

"Wha…,"Hao thought.

"Yet, when I'm with you, I feel that all my fears are suddenly lifted and I'm free from them because you love me for who I am," she finished with eyes with tears to the brim.

A passionate kiss triggered by Hisaki, which was unusual, answered his proposal.

"Hisaki, we're both going to be happy, and we're going to live in the country near your family. We're gonna have a normal life. I'm tired of this stupid city. I'm tired of pompous people. It's just us, from now on. I promise," Hao said still clinging onto his new fiancée.

"Yes, a new life, for both of us," said Hisaki wiping away a joy filled tear.


Miyako looked overly pleased with herself as her right hand girls styled her hair, applied her makeup, and straightened her exquisite plum colored silk dress than fell perfectly over her flawless physique, ending at the middle of her thighs. As she looked into the longwise mirror, she flicked her wrist, beckoning a maid to bring her the final touches; two diamond encrusted amethyst earrings and a sweet, intoxicating perfume that could make all the boys who were going to be at the party swoon for her by simply walking past them. This aromatic fragrance was especially for Hao, who she planned to finally grasp in her clutches this evening. The thought of all the attention she was going to garner made her reveal a wicked smirk.

Another maid signaled to the one that was attending to Miyako. The maid received the message and nodded.

"Miss Yakaharo, I believe your ride is here," said the maid putting away the perfume in a special glass case.

"Good. I'm glad he was on time," she said immediately, snatching her matching handbag.

Miyako slid into the silver Bentley and sat upright with her nose in the air as it pulled off.

"Always with that nose in the air," mumbled the maid under her breath as she reentered the mansion.

Miyako stepped out into the Tokyo night with a large group of other affluent people waiting to gain entry into the large, seedy looking building. As she approached some classy men that caught her eye she was seized by a rugged looking thief. She gasped as she saw the grotesque face that almost made her faint with its musty breath and bloodshot eyes.

"Hey, give me that pretty bag, foxy lady!" he said with a crooked, yellow smile.

"Ew, you nasty bastard! Someone get him off me already! He's trying to mug me!" she screamed trying to wrestle him off. A couple of guards violently lunged upon the culprit, beating him vehemently with their sticks and ramming him into their car, shackling him with tight handcuffs and literally throwing him into the backseat. Miyako growled as she heard the offender cower in pain.

"That should have done a lot sooner. Badly done…"she fussed aloud as the guards hung and scratched their heads in embarrassment.

As she primped herself, she continued her way into the building, ditching people in line as she always did. Comments such as 'Hey, stop that girl' or "What! She can't do that' were ignored as the doorman let her in with a happy greeting once she flashed something like a credit card. As stepped inside, she smiled in satisfaction as she saw the luminous crystal chandeliers descending from the ivory colored ceiling and the virginal white marble fountains of champagne people dipped their wineglasses into. The ebony marble floor dazzled from the reflecting lights. Pools that were used for spa time were decorated with floating candles. Japan's most powerful and wealthy elite graced the grand room, eating hors d'oeuvres. There were young ladies in flowing elegant gowns gossiping and handsome young men plotting and planning their next moves. Businessmen plotted shady dealings and older women snickered at those who had lack of fashion sense.

Men flocked towards Miyako, greeting her and asking her for dances and drinks. She stayed with her girlfriends but shameless rejected the young single men that were trying to have her. One girl, a little younger than the other, eagerly jumped in front of her.

"Miyako, your mamma is here! Do you want me to tell her that you-"

"First of all, why are you in my presence? Second of all, I don't care if she's here. She can attend to her business and I'll attend to mine," she sharply said pushing the girl of the way. Miyako's peers giggled, and then began to peel in mocking laughter as the disrespected little girl began to tear up.


"Hisaki, you look stunning! Come on, we'll be late. Let's go now before they let the non-members get into the party.

"I look fine? You're sure?" she questioned, wearing a red kimono with pink cherry blossoms with tiny bows embroidered on the sash. Part of her hair was fashioned into a bun as the rest flowed from her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her bangs were curled to the side, revealing her mysterious blue eyes.

"The attention will not only be on Miyako for once. Count on that for sure!" he said as he gave her an assuring wink.

As she carefully walked to Hao's limousine in her traditional wooden shoes, she saw an alarm go off in the city. A red flash blinked throughout the city, a warning that a major crime was taking place. Following the flash a police alarm reverberated throughout the city also. Crime in the city was constant, and police could be found everywhere to handle daily muggings, harassments, assaults, drug dealings, or robberies. But the citywide alarm only went off when a great offense was being committed, robbery or murder of the wealthy. Crimes and misdemeanors against the poor were frankly ignored or less cared about.

"Hao, I don't think we should go…" she said with a trembling voice.

"Nonsense, the cops will catch those guys who did whatever in a minute. Bank robbery probably," her untroubled fiancée said prancing to open the door of the car. "Those guys are always on their feet,"

"Don't be too reckless just because you can't wait for that party," she countered.

"What? I…I'm not just saying that because I really want to go to that party, where…everyone else is" sighed Hao.


"See what?"

"Let's not go there. The Society High Club has some kind of function every weekend. You know that. You go to almost every one. "

"Hisaki," said Hao getting a bit testy, "I wanna go now," he said pointing inside the car.

Hisaki sighed when she went to the limo, anxious about what they might meet in the city.


"That alarm!" said and elderly woman clutching to her gown and bifocals as she tried to rush out the door.

"Grandmamma, it's best to stay," said a girl comforting her.

The doorman and two guards came from outside. "The alarm has just signaled! Everyone stay calm! We've just received news from the neighboring police department that a murder has just ensued," explained the doorman.

People all over the room started to gasp and chatter about the terrifying information.

"A murder, who?" piped the young girl clinging to her grandmother.

"Mrs. Yakaharo Sakiyo? May we see you in private, please?" said the doorman.

Madame Yakaharo swayed with grace and poised across the floor, and people made a line to each side as if she were a queen or another royal noble of some sort. The middle-aged woman, who looked quite good for her age, was accompanied by her daughter, Miyako. People always talked about how Miyako's great beauty would never fade because she's looked just like her mother, and if her mother could maintain good looks for almost 50 years, so could she. Miyako didn't like being compared to her mother, who she only acted accordingly with in public.

"Yes?" she said in a whiny voice like her daughter's.

"Madame, we are deeply saddened by this, but we have to give to the unfortunate news that your eldest son, Yakaharo Matsuhiro, was just murdered by a band of thieves in front of the Yakaharo casino reportedly because he owed them money for a bag of marijuana he had purchased. We're terribly sorry," the doorman said, taking his hat off in respect.

"Matsu!" cried Madame Yakaharo as she fell to the floor sobbing.

"What! Matsu's dead?" said Miyako only somewhat surprised. She though to herself for a second and let out what it seemed as if she was forcing herself to cry.

"Matsuhiro, taking drugs?" said a young girl, bringing up the real question.

Chatter had emerged louder than the first time around.

Miyako looked at the girl with darting eyes. "Matsu did not take drugs, Etsumi! It was only an allegation. People make up that stuff to give people like us bad names," she said rolling her eyes. Then, Miyako smirked. "Where's my Hao tonight Etsumi? He was supposed to meet me here hours ago,"

Etsumi, the girl that had short jet black hair rolled her honey colored eyes back at Miyako. She couldn't stand that girl. Especially when she talked about how her brother belonged to her. Just because she was part of the richest family in Japan she thought she owned everything. "Oh wait, I almost forgot, she does own everything, blah!" she mumbled in disgust and then stuck her tongue out.


Hao and Hisaki roamed through the city quickly to avoid any danger. Hao looked over to Hisaki, who looked relatively composed as always, but he didn't notice her doting eyes that were scanning the streets that were lit only bythe lights of nightclubs, casinos, and theaters. To Hisaki, the city was a complete blur. It's perilous unpredictability made her heart beat faster as they traveled the tortuous roads. Trying to find words to say to pierce the silence, Hao turned to the other side and caught sight of a large billboard that promoted a famous pop singer that Hisaki had always wanted to hear perform.

"Hey, do you still wanna see Hana in one of her concerts?"

Hisaki turned to him and she abruptly let out a shriek.

Then, out of nowhere, three cars raced past them, followed by a police car. The criminals were on the loose.

"Oh crap!" said Hao as he jumped up in his seat.

Hisaki clung to him, eyes still wide open. She knew it was not good to be in the city when things like this happened.

"Ruroshi, get us out of here!" ordered Hao.

Ruroshi immediately followed and sped down the block but the getaway car that they had seen before made an acute turn, crashing into their car with a heavy impact.

"Hao!" yelled Hisaki as she held him tight. The limo had flipped over to its side into a streetlight. Glass on its right side had shattered into was it seemed like a million pieces and that particles flew everywhere. Hao and Hisaki suffered cuts and bruises but continued to hold each other as close as possible.

As the other car behind them tried to move and escape from the scene, the police car that was chasing them now was gassed by criminals. Not being able to see, the police collided into the front of the limo; smashing it and making it turn upside down, cramming Hisaki to the floor. She was stuck, the roof of the car now bent in on her.

"Hisaki, no!" yelled Hao struggling to pull her out of the crevice.

One thief had managed to get out the car that crashed into them first. He was injured but not as much as his partner. He grabbed a small digital bomb from his pocket, kissed it for luck, and then threw it onto the police car. The bomb magnetized itself to the car and had 20 seconds left on it.

Hao looked on in horror at what the evading thief had done. "Hisaki, come on we go to get out! NOW!"

"I'm stuck, Hao! What's happening?" she said in a muffled voice.

Hao got out of the car and he used all his might to try and push the limo to its side. Maybe Hisaki would fall out. His knee ached in great pain, but he used his body with amounts of force he didn't know he had. He knew he had gained new strength because of his love for Hisaki and his need to get her out.

Ten seconds were left on the bomb.

Hao kicked with his good leg in frustration. "God, please help!" he begged.

One cop, awakening from unconsciousness, jolted up from what was happening in front of him.

"My God….," he said burying his face in his hands, finding no hope in the situation.

Hao quit trying to lift the car and opened the door so he could yank Hisaki out. No good. She had fainted from the gases from the police car. He kept trying in desperation.

Five seconds on the clock.

"Hisaki!" he cried.

Hao looked to the front of the car, he had completely forgotten about Ruroshi.

"Ruroshi!" he yelled only to find his butler dead.

"No!" he punched the car and went straight away to Hisaki despite his anger and sorrow.

It was the same way he felt…in his dream.

"Please tell me this is not real!" he cried.

Time was up.

Hao's eyes widened as the explosion made him fly backwards into the parallel lamppost. He ran away from it, trying to escape. Once safe, he fell in anguish.

He held his head and looked to the heavens.

"Why! Why is it always this way! I try to make thing better when they're bad! My mother and now Hisaki!" he felt the hot tears streaming from his eyes. He held himself, consumed in woe.

When the smoke cleared, he heard car alarms in the distance, blended with the sounds and sight of the citywide alarm.

He rested himself on the ground, waiting until the chaos arrived in the cold dark night amidst his furious tears.