He glanced around the crowded party with cup in hand, half wishing he was somewhere else, and half enjoying himself.

"See anything you like?" Asked a shorter burlier boy, smugly.

"Nah." He responded taking a sip from his cup.

"You've got to be kidding me, Austin?!" The shorter one asked in wide-eyed shock. "We're in college! We're at a college party!" He yelled in excitement, over the music.

"Yeah? Hadn't realized." Austin asked with sarcasm. The other boy sneered, but continued.

"We are at a party full of hot girls. Girls who keep throwing themselves at you, the hottest Freshman basketball player!"

Austin sighed in frustration. "Maybe I don't want a girl who throws herself at me? Ever thought of that, Matt?"

Matt just sighed, but grinned suddenly. "Easy hook up than!" He laughed.

Austin just rolled his eyes, taking another sip from his cup.

"Maybe I'm interested in more than just a hook up." Austin told Matt sternly

"I think, maybe, you still have a fixation for a certain Sophomore."

Images of a curly haired, green-eyed girl conjured into Austin's mind.

"Junior." He murmured softly.

"What was that?" Matt asked loudly, leaning towards his friend.

Austin cleared his throat self-conciously.

"Junior." He nearly yelled. "She would be a Junior now...this year."

Matt sighed, looking sadly at the tall boy before him.

"My only advice would be to move on. She's half-hour away at old Cow-Pie High."

"Hey! I liked our high school." He bit back defensively. "And a half-hour isn't that far away." He added after a slight pause.

"Man..." Matt trailed off. "You had you're chance. Remember?"

Austin sighed. Images of the girl staring at him from across the hall of his former high school flooded his mind.

"I don't get how you still have her on your mind anyways." Matt continued on. "You haven't seen her since graduation last May."

"I...I don't know either..." Austin sighed nodding at a group of girls waving at him.

The party was starting to get even more crowded. The room was overheating and people kept bumping and jostling into the two college Freshman.

"I think I'm gonna go outside and get some air." Austin said, placing his nearly empty cup on a table nearby.

"Okay." Matt said, distracted by a group of girls in very tight, very low cut shirts.

Making his way out of the crowd slowly he thought about the curly haired girl from his high school.

He truly didn't know why he had the girl on his mind still. He hadn't really talk to her that much even when they were in school together. He only saw her in the halls but there was just something about her though. Matt was right though, he hadn't seen her since graduation two-days after school got out, but she still hadn't left his mind all through the summer.

After making his way around a table and a couple of kegs he finally made it to the door and out. There wasn't that many people outside. It was mid-October but the weather was still summery. It was chillier but it was still nice enough to sit outside for a long while. Austin had somewhat of headache and slight buzz going on. Looking around the different dorm buildings he saw a grassy courtyard. Instead of leaving he decided he would just lay down in the grass to cool down.

As he made his way into the courtyard entrance he found he wasn't the only one with the same idea. As he neared to person he came to realize that it was a she and she was laying on her back looking up at the stars. As he came closer to the girl she sat up and turned around to see who was approaching her. Through the moonlight and the party lights he recognized the girl immediately. It was her. The same curly haired, green-eyed girl that consumed his thoughts from last school year until now.

She looked almost the same. But her hair was lighter and longer. It was even curlier if that was even possible. But she still had those same large gorgeous green eyes.

As Austin stopped in front of her, she squinted her eyes and scrunched up her face in thought.

"Do we know each other?" She asked.