"Uh, yeah. We went to New Prairie together. Remember?" Austin asked the girl. "I just graduated last year."

Her face lit up in remembrance. "Oh! Now I remember. You're Austin Sawyer, right? The basketball player?" She smiled at him.

"Yeah that's me." Austin smiled.

"I didn't know you went here." She stated. "There were rumors that you were heading out East to Duke or out West to UCLA." She laughed.

"Really? Duke and UCLA?" Austin laughed as he sat down beside the girl.

"Yep! Everybody was kind of sad the first couple weeks of school this year."

"Why?" Austin asked.

"Because you weren't there! You and all of the other seniors. The school it seems...empty now that you've all gone." She stated looking up at the stars. "Oh! How stupid am I?" She turned to face Austin and stuck her hand out. "I'm Olsie." Austin took her hand and shook, melting into the warmth of her hand.

"Olsie? That's different." He said.

"Yeah. It's the name of the main character in one of my mom's favorite books but there was no L in the name. I guess it's a Native American name, too." Olsie shrugged.

Austin smiled. "I like it."

Olsie blushed lightly. "Thanks."

"So what brings you here?" Austin asked. He needed to know why she was here, back in his life.

"My older brother goes here. He's a junior."

"Really? What's his name?"

"Chase McGowan."

"Oh. I know him. We're on the basketball team together."

"Small world." She smiled.

"Yeah it is." He laughed. "So you're here visiting Chase?"

"Yep! Our parents can't make it to his first game, so I said I'd come down and give him some family support."

"So you're here all weekend?" Austin asked innocently.

"Yeah and Monday too."

"Skipping school are you?" Austin teased.

Olsie laughed. "It's a half day. Hardly anyone will be there anyway." She shot a grin at him.


Suddenly Olsie started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Austin asked, smiling at Olsie's laughter.

"I just realized this is the first time we've ever had a conversation or even really said anything to each other. And we went to school together for 2 years!"

"Hey I said I was sorry when I ran into you that one time last year."

Olsie gave him a "are you being serious?" look. "Saying 'I'm sorry.' doesn't count. That's only two words!"

"Okay! You're right, doesn't count." He laughed.

Olsie laughed along. "So how are you liking higher education?"

"It's good. Hard. But I like it."

"Of course girls and basketball are your favorite." Olsie teased.

"Basketball, of course." Austin agreed.

"Oo so you don't like girls?" Olsie mocked.

"No! No. I definitely like girls." Austin reassured her. "It's just I haven't found one that I've come to like. Here at least." He confessed.

"Really?" Olsie asked, intrigued by dark-haired boy.

"Yeah." He paused. "My friend, Matt. Matt Henning? Remember him?"

"Yes I do. Continue." Olsie prompted.

"Well...Matt says I still have this fixation for this girl back at New Prairie."

"A senior?" Olsie asked, curious to whom this girl was.


Olsie blinked a couple times. She was surprised that this freshman in college, who could have any girl he wanted there would still want a girl two years younger than him from his old high school.

"So...is Matt right?" Olsie asked, tilting her head to the side as she peered at the tall young man beside her.

But before Austin could answer her someone shouted from the party.

"Olsie! Olsie, come here!"

"Oh! That's Chase." She told Austin. "Be there in a minute, Chase!" She yelled to her brother. "Well. I hope you find her, Austin." She told him, standing up and brushing the grass from her jeans.

"Yeah. Me too." Austin said quietly.

"Well...I gotta go. But good luck at the game." She said. "Bye." She turned around and headed for the courtyard entrance.

"Wait! Olsie!" Austin yelled, getting to his feet. If she was here for the whole weekend. Back in his life. He wasn't just gonna let her go without a fighting chance.

"Yeah?" She asked, turning around. She was surprised that he spoke to her at all that night.

Austin rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, not looking at her. "If you're ever bored or just want someone to show you around campus without your brother or whatever. Give me a call." He told her, looking into her eyes. "Chase has my number. I wouldn't mind if you did...call." He breathed out.

Olsie stood there quietly just looking up at Austin. Then a wide smile spread across her face reaching to her eyes. "I just might do that." She smiled. "I'll talk to you later, Austin. Bye."

"Bye." He waved, as he watched her make her way to her brother.

As they made their way back to Chase's dorm Olsie looked back at Austin and smiled. Austin smiled back with a happy rejoicing feeling spreading about his body. He smiled and lay back down on the grass. I'm sooo getting the girl this time.

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