Agony grips me as I think about you being gone

Neither of us could control how it went wrong

My pillow collected tears like a sponge for days

I didn't think when I gave all my heart away

*Chorus: Time heals all wounds, it's true

Though I still think a great deal of you

Your face has faded in my eyes

I swear I didn't plan this demise

I just don't miss you like I used to

Now I only miss the thought of you

*You've become a phantom in the midst of this crimson room

Not necessarily causing happiness and not necessarily causing gloom

Lingering awhile longer, you don't want to lose my company

The thought of your return now fills me with anxiety


*A thousand times I wanted to go back and see how you are doing

I wanted to change the way everything had played out

Couldn't figure how I could go a day without your presence

Now I know if you showed up it'd all be too different

Cuz now I know I don't really miss you at all

All I am missing is the thought of you