Apple Pie May 28, 2009

Sappy endings in movies give me hope for a new day

Love no matter what the cost is unflinchingly paid

The director pauses for the interlude of frozen hearts

Reawakening the desire within, tender and weak to start

The color of my lips has faded and cracked into a mosaic

Tentative to speak truth; need to read a line to say it

The part where you profess your love has been duly noted

It took you multiple repetitions, your status now demoted

Tell me all that you've bottled up in that mind of yours

I certainly couldn't break the heart that lies upon the floor

My fantasies are too farfetched for this crimson room

I know it all, lays in my palm, my passion to assume

Why should I rejoice in the falsehood of my hope?

Suspended over my towering expectations, multiplying rope

Fickle boy, you toy, with my ever ascending emotions

I appreciate you following along with your chivalrous notions

Just grant me this one favor as the final scene ends

Save the scraps left of my heart for me to mend