I used to think hearts on my notebook were the meter for true love

Calligraphy added to your name and mine seemed to be enough

Plastic hearts crashed into my locker from your swift arm

You gave me the tiara laden with your indestructible charm

The love notes you gave me were worn from excessive unfolding

Those words were the tonic that fooled my heart into molding

Looking back, I have to laugh; you surely took me for a whirl

Silly me, to wholly believe, that I alone was your special girl

Thanks for manipulating my faith that I had in all humanity

The pedestal I stood on breaking, need to question my sanity

Every long dirt road has been dead to me for the way it led

I need a new path to count the pebbles and clear my head

What new adventure will great me with his hand open for mine?

He traces his hand over my forlorn poems adding his own line

That book sits on the shelf collecting dust, slightly overdue

My heart needs cleaning; don't give me words that are seemingly true

If I need to polish your armor for you it isn't worth the trouble

Don't cross my path if all you're going to do is turn it to rubble

Thumbing through my journal, looking for a time when things were right

But I know the best is yet to come and I hope you become my light

Be my Edward; make me a lullaby to calm me into a dreamy sleep

Without your presence I continue my droning task of counting sheep

Savior with your steed, mounting the trail leading to where I slumber

You swiftly pass, not wanting to disturb, all I find is your number

Could you redeem the entire male population by defying the norm?

I'm back to fanciful representations of new love inside this storm

Kissing in the rain, so cliché and protégé, we need a grand ending

They lived happily ever after, seems to me to be condescending

The bell is ringing, back to my reality, wishing I would drop dead

It can't be that he only exists locked in the cage inside my head