I only wore those shoes because I know you like them

You complimented them the other day

Now you don't sway

I need to know what you're thinking

Give me a play by play

*It's terrorizing to be out of the loop with your feelings

It makes me anxious to be in the dark

Give me your sleeve

To read your heart

I'll keep it safe for thee

*Chorus: Acting normal

Feeling everything wrong

Is the norm for me

I want to be

What you want

To become for you

A normalcy

Not the oddity

*Don't pity me cuz I'm the pauper; needing reassurance all the time

There I go lending out my heart again; take a bite

You need a doggie bag?

Or some fries with that?

Here, just take the knife


I have no patience

*Forgive me for being blatant

Never said I was a saint and,