June 1, 2009

My patient desires have been dormant for so long

Need to take him in the back room to do some shady deeds

Your body is a potent figure threatening to disengage

My potent eyes burn through your skull from my stares

I need to watch myself, trying to settle me down

You walk by me and I'm burning madly inside

The swagger you are copping should be illegal

You're killing me, I can't see straight anymore

You align with my vision only to wet my appetite

If I don't take heed I'll have to act on impulse

If I get too close I could char around the edges

You have a flare for making up appearances

Even when you are pulled through the wringer

You come out looking beautifully disheveled

Your gaze aims to annihilate my every thought

That's what I deserve for stepping out of bounds

I don't mean to step on your coat tail so desperately

Forgive me for becoming an elephant in your room

I set myself up for this crude defeat of passion

And you didn't even notice any of it happening