I let the marrow in my bones boil as I scorched my body with lava. The bathtub starts to wave in my vision from the heat. I can see colour in my translucent body that aren't the colour of my dead purplish veins. My hair becomes long floating dark tentacles surrounding my face. I raise my heat scorched pink fingers out of the lava and place them on my surfaced face. They warmed my ice rink cheeks immediately. I close my eyes and try to burn away the image or Gerard. As soon as his horrid monster face popped into my poor deranged mind, my body shivered and I sunk deeper into the cool burning of the lava. My chin just touching it. It burned delightfully. The beast, the beast, the horrid beast. He comes after you in the dark for a midnight feast. Licking wicked poisonous lips of might, little mousey you flee in heart breaking fright. I submerged my whole self under, no air, and no sound. It was a surreal feeling of floating and flying. In my mind, the world around me was a pale baby blue wrapping itself against my delicate bare skin. Pinkish clouds of light pulsing colours of bright tones. In the corner of the edge of the world was a weird shadow. Smoke and fire. It writhed like a snake and had the charge of a lightning bolt quick at the ready. My pale baby blue faded and I was embraced in painful purples of bruises on my lips, arms, and abdomen. I squirmed and opened my mouth to scream. My eyes shot open to a searing hot pain as the lava cooked them like egg whites. The banging of something monstrous brought me back to the frozen surface. Gasping breaths cooled my lungs as they screamed for air.
BANG! BANG! "—wasting my money!" BANG! BANG! "Do you know how much the hydro bill is?! Get out here now you stupid—."
For the first time I tuned her out and ignored her. I was going to pay for it later of course—I will regret it later on. I jumped out of the solidifying lava, no longer tempting to my icicle like body, my hair froze the instant my new born skin hit the northern air. I grabbed my baggy old grey t-shirt, navy blue cotton sweat pants, and a thin cotton large sweater and hurriedly pulled them onto my dripping body. My brain was on automatic.
It shouted out orders to my muscles running on electric impulses: move, move, one two, one two, move, move. Work those pants, right! Left! Move it, move it soldier. My hair covered my face like vines on a crumbling wall, I ran my hand through it, and I heard the pitter-patter of the remaining liquid lava turned ice cold dripping onto the linoleum of the floor. I pushed open the bathroom window and stuck out my head. The banging on the door increased in tempo.
I grabbed the sill and faded into the enveloping darkness.

Socks…I have forgotten socks as I realized as my feet slipped in their senseless numbness. I blew warm air onto my fingertips hoping that they won't freeze and break off. I had no idea where I was heading, but I kept walking all the same. I had kept the door to the bathroom locked. My mother was probably still trying to break it down.
There was a roaring sound behind me. I turned around only to be blinded by a bright headlight. It wasn't a car. It was loud, with a clunky cough. I tried to get out of its way—how did I end up in the middle of the road anyhow?—but my feet were stubborn and pink and wouldn't take on the traction and slipped in the slush.

The motorized creature swerved and flipped the driver off its back. I could only gape at the thing and hope that the creature hadn't killed its rider.
"What the hell do you think you're doing you stupid—" The rider growled as he shook his encased helmet head.

That was twice I had been called stupid.

Stabilized—and somewhat traumatized—I made my way cautiously to the rider. He brought two large hands to his head and pulled off the plastic helmet and shook his head again as his dark hair waved around him like a soft curtain. I stopped beside him and dropped to my knees. There was a distinct darkness to his jaw line. A bruise. Perfect scruffiness, evidence of a five o'clock shadow. Wolf-man. Anthony.

I stared at him in the bright light still shining from Anthony's metal creature. Anthony rumbled on cursing under his breath. I ignored the names he threw at me as he scrutinized himself for injuries.

Finally he noticed my presence, still kneeling in the snow in a large sweater, and damp and hardened sweat pants. No socks. His face was like an angel. Beautifully broken yet threatening.
He stared at me with eyes of dark chocolate. His hair just hanging over one eyebrow, the bangs brushed back with his strong hands. He wore a tight leather jacket with weird plastic straps on his elbows, biceps and shoulders. His pants in some sort of black material with the same plastic straps wrapping themselves around his muscles.

His mouth opened but no sound came out. Mine were sewed shut.

"It's you." Was all he said in his deep rough voice. "The one who banged her head on the locker."
My face flushed with colour as I continued to stare at him. So badly did I want his tuque on my head, the warm scratchy tuque which he had placed on top of me.

He pushed his six foot body up at full height and towered over me, offering me his gloved hand. As if reaching for a lifejacket, I took his hand and rose up myself. He was so warm. Even through the leather. He didn't smile at me, though there was a glimmer in his eyes that I couldn't decipher. He looked down at my poor attire and had a quizzical look in his brows but didn't say anything. Anthony held tightly to my hand and brought me to his bike and straightened out the creature. He shed off his leather jacket skin. He passed me his helmet and the jacket and gave a short, sharp nod.

"Wear them."

I draped on the leather jacket, the sleeves went past my fingertips by three inches. I put on the hard helmet, it squished up my cheeks and pushed my frozen hair against my neck and jaw, I shivered.

"Get on the back and hold on to my waist tightly."
I swung my leg over the seat and stared at Wolf-man's broad back. He looked at my hesitant face and arched his heavenly brow.

"My fingers are numb." I whispered, tearing apart the seams keeping my mouth shut.
A cloud of mist shaped the words in the winter air.

He turned his head back to the front and reached behind him and took my childlike hands and wrapped them around him. He brought one large hand over both of mine and it stayed there as he kicked start the engine and rode off with me glued to his back. Glowing lights whipped past us like a line of fire. It was an amazing sight. I had never ridden anything so fast in my life. So dangerous yet with Anthony's hand over mine, I knew I'd be okay.

I'd be okay.


I had drifted into dreamland while thawing on the motorcycle with Anthony in my arms. The ripping roar of the bike had subsided into a low rumbling purr that rocked me into a calm slumber. When I woke, I was wrapped up in layers of blankets, my feet tucked away under a velvety pillow. I rolled onto my back and those creamy pools of dark chocolate eyes blinked at me. I was vaguely aware that I was resting my head on his lap, and my hand was twined with his.

"You wouldn't let go of me." The corner of his lips twitched.

Slowly I took back my hand and I watched as he drew back his own hand and rubbed it. He had lost circulation. Had I really not let him take back his hand? Slowly I sat up beside Anthony and drew my knees to my chest. He reached around me and brought the blankets back to enfold me.

"Your lips were blue, thought you died or something." He mumbled as he fidgeted with his hair. He really did have nice hair. It seemed much cleaner though than the last time I saw him.
I looked up at him and he looked away.
There was an awkward silence, I fidgeted with a lose thread from a long woolen sweater I was wearing and no pants…

I jumped up and stared wildly at him. The woolen sweater was down to the middle of my thighs. The sleeves covered my fingers limply. Awful thoughts crept into my brain.

No, no, no!

My heart started pumping as I bumped into a railing. The room was narrow, no walls. He was sitting at the edge of the couch, as if about to jump up and stop me.

Grab me, throw me, and break me.
Gerard. Gerard monster, horrid beast.
I reached behind me trying to find something solid to root me down, or I'd float away and break apart. I'm a live grenade and Anthony was the pin.

"Joann?" Wolf-man whispered. "What's wrong?"
He had stepped forward a few steps. There was something hard and rickety behind me as I scrambled sideways. I grabbed it and swung it forward.

"Shit! Ow! Fuck…did you just hit me with a chair?" Anthony's voice was loud with traces of anger but was blown away by his shock.

"S-Stay away…don't t-touch me…you can't touch me…" My fingers still gripped the small wooden chair.

There was sharpness in my voice that I've never heard made by myself before. It startled me.

"What's going on? Ant? Oh my god are you bleeding?"
A twiggy blond girl ran towards Wolf-man and flapped her hands around them as if shooing away a swarm of bees.

"Shit, ow, Erin stop it." Wolf-man stared me down and pushed up his hands in a surrendering gesture. "Put down the fucking chair Joann. I didn't touch you."

"I did."

I dropped the chair and it crashed to the wooden floor as I stared at Erin. She had a pointy face, full lips and a cut eyebrow.

"Stupid, I had to get you out of those clothes you had on, they were soaked you would've gotten hypo-something."

"Hypothermia." I said under my breath.

"Yeah that thingy. Now can you not attack Ant with my only chair?" Erin snarled, she grabbed the chair and set it up straight against the stair railing that seemed to spiral downward.

She turned towards me and pointed a skinny finger at my face, "what bit your scrawny little butt anyways?"

"Forget it Erin grab me some ice and an old shirt or something?" Anthony trudged back to the couch.

"I don't have ice, I'll go grab you some snow from outside or something."
She looked at me for about a minute before she hopped down the spiraling stair case. If looks could kill…

Anthony kept a hand to his forehead as he stared at me with an emotionless face.

"You didn't…" I mumbled.

"No." He said disgustedly.

Erin came back with an old ratty t-shirt and a zip-lock bag of snow and tossed them at him.

As if pleased that I hadn't picked up a chair and started hitting anyone, Erin passed me a cup of steaming tea. "Here drink this, looks like you're about to catch something."

She pointed to the couch and pushed me along. Anthony shifted as if expecting another blow to the head with the mug. I ducked my head and sipped the brownish liquid. It tasted funny but it warmed me up dramatically. There was a rhythmic tap, tap, tapping and I looked up to see Erin with her hands on her bony hips, her eyebrow arched, a sharp frown etched onto her dolly face, and her foot tapping against the floorboards.

"S-sorry, thank you for the tea." I stammered.

She nodded and looked at Anthony.

"Thanks." He grumbled.

Erin scooted beside me and stretched out a hand. "I'm Erin Colin. I'm Ant's step-sister."

I shook her hand and processed the information in my goopy brain. Anthony has a step-sister.

"I-I'm Joann Klein."
She nodded and took my mug. "I'll get you some more tea, you're still shivering. Ant get her something to eat."

"You don't have anything to eat."
Erin scowled at him and walked back downstairs.

Alive, and somewhat calmed, "I'm sorry…for hitting you with the chair…I thought…"

Anthony shook his head. "That was the last thing I thought you would've grabbed given how small you are."

"You knew I was going to hit you?" I asked, shocked.

Shocked even more, this was the most I have spoken in a whole month.

Baby bird learns how to chirp.

"Sort of." He grunted, adjusting the slowly melting snow, "thought you were going to slap me." He chuckled. "Instead you use a chair."

Anthony dropped his arm holding the snow, I could see a small bump forming on the corner of his forehead. The impact wasn't as deep as I thought it was.

"I should take you home, its kind of late now."
I looked at the clock, it was just past eleven. Mama bird and papa bird would be asleep by now. They won't be waiting for little runt birdie to fly back to the nest.

I nodded, lips sewed shut again. There's only so much breath I can use up.

He got up and the zip-lock bag of snow flopped onto the floor. He stretched out his hand again and waited for me. "Permission to take your hand?" He said sarcastically.

I took it and walked beside him down the stairs.

* * * * *

I could see the window sill still open from the bathroom as Anthony pulled up to my house. The neighborhood was dark and foreboding. I disentangled my arms from around Anthony's core and swung my leg off the seat, knowing the sweater was riding up as I did so. I handed him back the helmet and he tucked it under his arm and walked up the snow covered path to the drain pipe back inside.
I turned towards him to apologize, to thank him, but no words came out.

"Are you going to hit me again with a chair?" He grinned.

I shook my head.

He leaned in swiftly and his lips brushed against mine. His eyes were closed, I never noticed how long his eyelashes were. My eyes were wide open with shock. I've never really been kissed before…not like this…
I pulled away as the memory surfaced and stared at him. The lips tingled in a nice way, they didn't burn, and they weren't bruised. Anthony stroked the back of my hand with his thumb and kissed the top of my forehead.

Then he walked off towards his motorcycle, and as sly as a fox, he dashed off into the night.

I placed my hand to my lips.
They were delightfully warm.
Dizzy I started climbing the drain pipe, the window was let down lower than I thought I left it, I pushed up the pane with one hand and gingerly eased my head through.
Rough hands grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me against something cold and porcelain. My head rang as I scrambled back against the tub.
Oh no…no…no…

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