When I first saw him, I wasn't looking for love. I was just looking for a good game of basketball that would tire me out.

During the first day, he was nothing special and he didn't stand out from the crowd, just another face on my team. I'm not especially great at basketball, I sucked actually. I didn't know how to dribble and I made a grand total of two shots in the entire game. Too focused on my own failures and embarrassments, I did not take notice of anyone else. Despite my obvious lack of talent for basketball, I was still very happy with how the day went and I felt thankful for my friend Sarah who had invited me that day.

For some odd reason, Sarah invited me again the next day to play basketball with two of the boys at 5:00 at the local park. I gladly accepted the invitation. Before that day, I had holed myself up in my own room, amusing myself with random internet sites and being slightly antisocial. But I knew I had to change in order to fully enjoy my life, and here was a chance. Why not take it?

The boys couldn't wait until 5:00 as was planned, and Sahar had a family event that prevented her from coming any earlier. Therefore, the boys decided to pick me up around 3:30 to play tennis. I left with them to the local tennis courts. Seeing one of the boys outside of school for extended periods of time inevitably made me notice him. We were both slightly shy in the beginning; at least I knew I was, but I gradually warmed up to them.

The two boys were called Sam and Kevin. Sam was the guy that every person knew of but no girls liked. Sam was tall but slightly chubby, with curly black hair and a nice, warm face that revealed his friendly personality. Trying to teach me tennis, he told me to SMACK the ball, and this word became a running joke between us three for the entire week.

To me, Kevin was the guy every girl dreamed of. He was handsome and had a cute face that suggested his playfulness. With short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, he looked like he could protect you from anything bad in this world. His firm lips and strong arms could hold you up and lift make you fall in love with him over and over again. Sounds cliché? It gets even better. Almost every girl who has known him has liked him. With great charisma, his charming attitude and playful personality easily conquered the female heart. He was a dangerous specimen who could potentially leave a girl heartbroken and messed up or make a girl the happiest creature alive.

And it all starts now.