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"Wista, it's been four months," Dani said one day. "Since they left…" she trailed off, staring into space. She sat at her desk with her chin in her hand, unfinished summer school homework sitting in front of her. Her normal self missed so much school, she had to take summer courses, like she could go anyway. All of her homework was delivered. The only good thing about it was that her smart self could do her homework for her. She was just waiting for the smartness to kick in. it was almost seven am.

"I know," Wista replied. "It makes me wonder if they're still alive, since your brother is still after them." Sam (also known as Malous) took off the next day, in pursuit of the twins (otherwise known as Kyle split into two people) who had weird freaky powers. It had been four months since they flew away on giant wings into that stormy night. Four months since she had seen her brother.

"I wish I was plain," Dani stated simply, spinning around in her chair.

Wista cocked her head to the side, confused. "Say what?"

Dani stopped spinning, visually dizzy. She waited until she was back to normal before she explained.

"Mom got it right, I guess," Dani admitted. "She always said that dad didn't love her for her looks and all that stuff. It took me a while to remember this but, my dad was blind."

"Wow," said Wista. "I thought only the pretty ones got married. "

Dani laughed. "Dad always said that the outside attracts, but the inside makes them stay. Besides, I've had a while to think about it, and it's what I decided." Dani turned towards her homework, finished it in three minutes flat, and went downstairs.

"Good Dani, you're here!" Dani's mom enthused. Ever since she came home soaking wet four months ago, and showed her mom her situation, they've had more mother-daughter time.

"Yep," Dani answered. She opened the fridge and got out some orange juice.

"Dani," her mother said. "Look who's here to visit." Dani faced her mom and saw the person at the table.

"Hey little sis," Sam said happily. Dani did not share that enthusiasm. Four months ago, she would have been laughing happily along with him, hugging him, talking about school, and being her normal happy self. Ever since she found out he was evil, she started hating him. Even more so after he left without a word. That, and the fact that he was in cahoots with Kenny, and the history behind him and Wista. And with Kyle. She's never going to forgive him.

"Bye mom, I'm going to go shopping," Dani said, putting the OJ back and heading out of the kitchen.

Dani's mom grabbed Dani's slim wrist and stopped her from leaving.

"Dani, I don't know what's going on between you two, but please talk it out before this wedge between your relationship gets any bigger!" She then proceeded to drag her daughter to the table and plant her down on the chair in front of her brother. "Now," she stated proudly. "I'll be in the other room, so play nice!" And then she left.

"But mom!" Dani pleaded after her to no avail. She stayed staring at the door for a few seconds, then turned around and crossed her arms. "I'm not talking to you, I'm going upstairs." She started to get up, but Sam stopped her.

"Please, just answer a few questions," he pleaded. He gave her his puppy eyes that grown men shouldn't have.

Dani felt guilty, so she relaxed. "Three," she said plainly.

He took a deep breath. "Thank you," he said.

Sam leafed through the questions he had in his mind, deciding which to ask. At first he thought that she would still talk to him after all this time, but he was wrong. She still hated him. He didn't like being hated by his own sister.

"Before I ask you any questions," he started. "I need to tell you why I came back."

Dani cocked her head.

"Well, I wanted to know if you had seen Kyle lately, because I need him, but you probably don't know, either, huh?"

"Nope, I haven't seen him since you ran him out of town." She snapped her head to the side, angry again.

"But what I didn't know is that you made a wish just like he did."

Dani stared at the ground. She was still ugly and skinny during the day, and Sam wasn't sure why she made such a wish in the first place. Didn't she think she was pretty enough by the look of her own face? Why wasn't she satisfied with that? It blew Sam's mind.

"I just don't understand why you made such a wish," he said finally. "You're beautiful, Dani, and there's no one in the world who can convince you otherwise." Hopefully, that knocked some sense into her.

That just made her even angrier. She bit her bottom lip and tears started to come out. "Easy for you to say! Your face is not only pretty, but you're also skinny!" she stood up and yelled. She wiped the tears away violently. "I made that stupid wish because it wasn't enough for me! The kids at school always made fun of me for being fat! They would say the worst things!" She paused to get some tissues. She wiped her nose and continued. "I made it look like I was a happy-go-lucky person to maybe convince myself that I wasn't a loser, and that I wasn't just a fat, stupid lard who couldn't do anything right! How could I screw up 'euthanasia' with 'youth in Asia'?! I was so sick and tired of it! I never had the right words, so I never stood up for myself, and I had to depend on Kyle… which turned out to be even worse..." She bit her bottom lip. "So I made a wish. To be the opposite of what I was. I didn't know it meant literally," she chuckled. Then she turned serious again. "Then you came along and ruined whatever love life I'm ever gonna have." She looked away and sat down again. She took another tissue and blew her nose.

Sam was awestruck. He didn't know she was going through so much hardship. He loved his sister to death, and to hear those last few words struck him in the heart. He closed his eyes thoughtfully and considered his answer.

Dani calmed down a bit and interrupted his thoughts. "Two questions left."

"Right," he muttered. He thought through what he was going to say, and went into Malous mode. "I was going to interrogate you about that incident if you had forgotten, but it seems like to you, it was just yesterday. So here's what I'm going to do." He folded his hands on the table and leaned in. "For every lie you tell, I'm going to make you answer more questions— under the influence." He saw Dani gulp. "I'll know it, too, because that's one of my specialties." He leaned back and asked, "When you tell me the truth in these two questions I ask, then I'll be out of your hair." He smirked.

Dani bit her bottom lip. Sam was never this scary before. She was scared to answer his questions.

"Second question, since I already asked you one: were you or were you not in love with either Kyle or Kevin?"

Dani looked down and nodded, the tears coming back. She had loved Kyle since before she can remember, and Kevin, even though he was mean to her original self, he saw through the ugly-faced self and loved her for just that.

"Third question: would you wish for Kyle to come back with your final wish?" Dani looked up. She had already decided she wanted to be plain, but could she seriously wish for Kyle or Kevin to come back with her last wish? How would she decide which one? Would she continue to perform the ugly-pretty switch for the rest of her life if she did? Then what? Even though she would have Kyle back, what would college or work or raising children be like if she continued? It was too much to think about now.

Dani remembered Kyle's face the last time she saw him. It was filled with so much hope that Dani realized that it was all Kyle needed in life. He needed to be free. Free from her, free from her brother, free from the world that might have persecuted him if he were ever found out. Dani smiled.

"Answer. Now," Malous pressed on.

"No," she said. "I wouldn't give up my last wish for him." She looked up at him. "Wista?"

"Here!" she said, popping up behind Dani.

"I think I'll make my last wish now."

"Okay. What is your last a final wish?" she asked.

Dani continued to smile. "I wish my body, face included, was plain, but I would still like to be smart, so… yeah. Do your stuff." She stood up, still facing her brother. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Here we go," Wista said. She flew up and surrounded Dani with a golden orb, and worked her magic.

Sam couldn't see what was happening inside the orb, but he knew that when she came back out, he would be gone.

Wista's work was done. She had made a girl with a beautiful face and an ugly body into a girl with an ugly face and a hot body, with slight superpowers and a dash of wit, and turned that same girl into a plain face and decent body and then some. This was surely going to be a case she never forgot.

She remembered back in Wishing School when one of her teachers lectured, "There will always be a case that you will look back on, even when you are old and gray, and when you do find that case, be it good or bad, you will always say, 'I had done my best'. And your life will feel complete." Wista wondered if that's why Kenny stayed with Sam for so long.

"Hey Wista?" Dani interrupted her thoughts.

"Hmm?" she answered.

"When you granted me that wish four months ago, why did I turn back and forth into my normal self? Cuz, to me, it really seemed like that weird anime with those girls have those transformation thingies and get a new outfit with powers and stuff."

Wista stared blankly at her. Apparently, her denseness never left her brain. "You mean you didn't figure it out?"

Dani shook her head.

"Well, it was because you were still unsure. Emotional wishes are like that sometimes. You wish for something, but then your brain subconsciously does a double-take and clings onto whatever doubts you still have."

It was Dani's turn to stare blankly.

Wista face-palmed and dragged her hand down her face. "It was because somewhere in your tiny little head," she paused to knock on her forehead. "You thought about what would happen if you had suddenly changed, turned your life around, or suddenly disappeared. I picked up on that, you see, and it made me have to use up three more wishes." She shrugged. "So there you go." She flew to her little home away from home that she had used for the past few months and sat down.

"Wow," Dani said with amazement. "You're like a mind-reader!" she said, hanging over the side of her bed at the tiny fairy's house below.

Wista laughed out loud at that one. "So, you wanna show your mom your new look?" she asked.

"Okay!" Dani replied giddily. She had showed her mom her ugly-faced self the day after Kyle ran away, and even though she couldn't explain anything about the wishing stars, her mom understood what she had to go through, and accepted it. Now she had another pleasant surprise, a daughter that wouldn't change drastically anymore, had the upmost confidence, and was happy.

The only thing that Wista didn't tell her was that she didn't make her plain at all. All she did was change her back to normal. Pretty face, pretty body, and smart. And that she broke the rules.

"Oh well," she said to herself. She flew over to the door and touched the doorknob. It glowed for a bit, and then faded. When Dani would touch that doorknob next, she would forget all about Wista and the wishes she made, and instead, she would think that she worked off all the weight, and got smarter magically. The last one was a stretch, but it'll work.

Satisfied, Wista turned back into a star and returned to her home world, leaving the tiny six-pointed star on Dani's bed with a chain through it, to stand trial, pay a fine, probably, and never to return.

(That's the end, folks! It may seem crappy and ambiguous, but that was on purpose. Fill in your own blanks. Thanks for reading and putting up with me!)