I know I shouldn't ask you to treat me better

Like a person and not like a slave

But I guess it's just not in your heart to be nice to me

Open your eyes! See me standing in front of you.

Hear my breath; remember what we used to be like.

I understand that you mature and move on

But does moving on mean leaving a friend behind?

Can't you see the pain and hurt caused?

If only I was blind.

Then I could wonder who was blinder.

I guess I understand your situation.

You can't show friendliness for me because your friends forbid it.

Are they really friends?

You're trying to be tough and cool.

You're not tough if you hurt a friend.

You can only show affection, when they aren't there.

My pain mans nothing to you.

I'm never part of your talks

You laugh at my fear, my panic

But no-one else is laughing.

I'm not laughing, only crying.

You and your friends are alone.

You're ignorant, you're selfish.

But only to me.

You never hear me talk you can't see me live.

Guess god never made me to be treated nice.

I've tried so hard but it's never good enough.

I'm not changing anymore.

I've tried to be nice, more considerate more loyal.

But you tell me no.

You say I'm the only one who cares.

Then days later shun me away.

Why me?

Was I born only to be hated?

All I know is that I'm alone.

Am I supposed to be here?

You say no

I say no.

Everyone says I'm not supposed to be here.