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Sue shifted in her new bed, her eyes close, sleeping deeply. She was going to see Bobby tomorrow. She had been avoiding him for nearly six months now…she could still remember that night clearly, it had been Bear's 26th birthday and tonight she relived it in her dreams…

Nadia had gone all out in her guilt and had fashioned an amazing angel costume for Suzie that looked both sexy and sweet at the same time. Her long sandy-blonde hair was tightly curled and pinned haphazardly atop her head, with a fluffy white halo propped on top by a headband and wire. Her delicate frame was draped in a white satin gown that ended at her knees but was split on one side to mid-thigh, revealing white thigh-high stockings, capped with lace. The gown clung to the shy girl's slight curves, the white and ripples of the fabric giving her the illusion of more. Naddy had refused to allow her to wear a bra and so her pebbled nipples were slightly visible.

A pair of beautiful wings, fashioned from feathers and fluffy material ties, were placed on her back, the fluffy ties winding around her arms and criss-crossing her chest. The wings had taken Naddy days and she firmly told Sue that she was not, under any circumstances to damage them in any way, because Naddy planned on selling them for a mint in her store. They completed Suzie's look with gold makeup, glitter body cream and white, low heels. "Oh. My. God. Naddy you are a genius!" Jemima gasped as they admired Sue. Sue blushed and tried to cover her nipples and close the slit in her dress. Naddy slapped her hands away softly.

"You look beautiful Sue. Just go in the bathroom and look at yourself for a while until you feel confident," Naddy said quietly, smiling softly.

"Yes, go and look Suzie! Bobby is going to love you in that!" Jemima said encouragingly as they shoved her into the bathroom and closed the door.

Suzie looked at herself in the mirror. Was that her? It couldn't be? Since when did she have curves? And since when was she sexy? Okay she still looked petite, delicate and sweet...but Naddy had somehow turned it into a sexy thing! She hesitantly looked at her nipples again. They weren't THAT obvious...and the the fabric felt delicious against her bare skin....though the lacy g-string Naddy had given her to reduce any visible panty-lines was something she was less comfortable with. She looked good she decided. She felt confident. Maybe even confident enough to have a go at flirty with Bobby......the door opened. "Oh I'm in here I'm almost....." she gasped and stopped short. Bobby froze in the door way, his fingers tightening on the door nob.

He stared at her, his eyes widening and his dick rising. She blushed and twitched nervously before awkwardly striking a pose and whispering, "Tadaa!" His mouthed closed and his eyes stopped their perusal to snap to her face. He laughed and moved into the room, closing the door behind him.

"Sorry if I made you feel awkward Suzie. You just surprised me. You look amazing."

She blushed again, the pink glow travelling down her neck. "Really?" she whispered.

"You look beautiful. And sweet. And....sexy," he said, his voice turning husky and his sky-coloured eyes turning a darker stormy-blue. He reached a hand forward and played with a loose curl, before gently tucking it behind her ear. It wasn't where that curl was supposed to go but Sue didn't say anything. She hesitantly took a step towards him and then Ryan pounded on the door…

Across town, Bobby was also, for the hundredth time, dreaming of that night.

"Hey Bobby! How are you getting dressed in there if my little sister is still there!" he laughed. Bobby backed away quickly and ran a hand over his face.

"Come in man, I haven't started changing yet. Sue was still looking at her costume." Ryan opened the door and looked at Suzie, his face breaking out into a wide grin.

"Fuck sis, you look great! Doesn't she Bobby?" he said with a grin and a wink in Bobby's direction. Bobby raised an eyebrow but smiled at Sue.

"Yeah, I was just telling her when you knocked on the door."

"C'mon Suzie, let Bobby get changed," he paused and wiggled his eyebrows, "Unless you want to stay and help him?" Sue blushed and stuttered before finally running out the door while Ryan chuckled quietly.

"That wasn't nice man, she's obviously shy."

"Stuff it, Bobby. She's just embarrassed because she likes you and she wanted to stay. I don't have to speak to you about not hurting my sister. I know you wouldn't dare. But hurry the fuck up and make a move if you're gonna!" Ryan shot Bobby a direct look and left the room without waiting for a reply.

"Well shit." Bobby said to the empty room before dressing in a pair of tight leather pants and bagging the rest of his clothes and underwear. His tattoos, eyebrow ring and a Guitar Hero guitar, completed his rock star outfit. He ran a hand over his black hair that had grown a little since his last number 2 clip. He grinned and went to find Jimmy to gel it into a short mohawk.

Bobby's dream shifted to after the party, as people began to leave.

Bobby turned to Sue and asked if she wanted a ride home. "Haven't you had a bit much to drink? Did you even bring a car?" Suzie asked. She was supposed to be riding with the turtles as she lived with Ryan, but would much rather let Bobby see her home. He frowned and turned towards Bear grinning.

"Do you have a pushy I can borrow?" Bear raised an eyebrow and looked at Sue's white, satin dress.

"Sure man."

"Wanna ride double with me Suzie?" Sue frowned for a minute then grinned.

"Sure. I haven't sat on the handlebars of a bike in years."

Ryan laughed, "Yeah not since I hit that pot hole when you were 9 and you vowed never to do it again."

Sue glared at her older brother and turned a slightly tipsy smile towards Bobby. "Let's go."

Suzie giggled as Bobby wheeled the mountain bike out of the shed and out to the street. There was only one helmet so he took off her halo and dumped the too big helmet on her head. He laughed as it fell over her eyes. "Hmmm, I'll just have to ride extra careful," he said, putting her halo back on and stuffing the helmet in a bush.

"Aren't you going to put it on?" Sue asked. He shook his head.

"Nah, it'll mess up my hair," he said. Sue laughed.

"You know riding a push bike while intoxicated is still illegal."


She laughed and moved to the front of the bike, clutching her dress up to sit on the handle bars, the split revealing even more of her delicate legs. He laughed and told her to jump back off. She looked at him quizzically but complied. He slid his arms around her and started to untie her wings. She stiffened and raised an eyebrow.

"I can't see around them," he said quietly as he quickly untied them. He looked around for somewhere to put them, before grinning and tying them on himself. She burst out laughing. He was dressed as a rock star, half naked in leather with a toy guitar and angel wings. He grinned at her and motioned for her to get back on the bike. They rode unsteadily, laughing and talking nonsense as they made their way to her and Ryan's place.

She jumped off the bike and Bobby fell over. She gasped and bent down to help him up. He burst out laughing and stumbled up, carefully pulling the angel wings off and placing them on the doorstep. "Looks like Ryan isn't home yet," he commented. She looked back at the dark house and agreed. They stood at her door, staring at each other until one of her straps slipped down her shoulder. Bobby carefully slid a finger under it and slowly drew it back up. She looked up at him with parted lips, looking so innocent and beautiful as she glowed under the front light. He stopped fighting it and leaned in to capture her lips. He kissed her softly at first, giving her time to react. She tentatively raised her hands to his chest and opened her mouth. He guided her hands over his chest and around his neck, pulling her up to his height by hooking a strong arm beneath her bottom. He pulled back slightly, silently inviting her to take control of the kiss.

She started slowly, exploring his mouth, carefully at first, then with growing confidence as he gently responded. He came undone by her innocent charms and soft delicateness. He pulled back before he could get too carried away. She dangled her feet in the air and giggled, looking down at how high she was. "I always wondered how Jimmy and Bear dealt with their height difference." Bobby stiffened but relaxed when her eyes grew wide in apology. He set her down. "I'm sorry," she started. He held a finger to her lips.

"It's okay," he chuckled awkwardly, "Just try not to talk about the next guy's sister and sex while he's kissing you." Her face fell.

"Oh. Okay," she said, withdrawing from him and unlocking her door. He looked at her in confusion. What was wrong? "Goodnight Bobby," she said before closing the door. He blinked in confusion. Was it something he said? He picked up the bike and made his way home, shooting one last glance at the house.

Bobby shot awake, sweating in the summer heat (damn his air-conditioner for breaking!). He punched his pillow, still confused as to why Sue was avoiding him. He dreamed the same dream, over and over, but still he couldn't see what the problem was. He sighed and lay back down. Maybe he'd go clubbing next weekend and find a woman or two to help him forget.

The next day...

Ryan and his younger sister Suzie strode into Jimmy and Bear's house, heading toward the backyard for the pool area. It was bloody hot and both of them were already dripping slightly with sweat in the tropical climate. Stormy clouds threatened above them, but that was usual this time of year. They glanced around at the people in the yard. Jimmy was complaining about the frizziness of her hair while Bear rolled his eyes and ignored her. Bobby, Ollie, Brent and Garth were playing pool and Jake was talking with Ryan's new girlfriend who had agreed to meet him there. She was a librarian at the local library. A smoking hot librarian and Ryan was smitten.

He glanced down at his sister to find her looking longingly over at Bobby. He frowned. He had thought that was over. Sue had been ignoring him and Bobby had just let it go. Bobby looked up and caught Sue's eye smiling tentatively. Sue looked away and Bobby frowned in frustration. Right, Ryan thought. He dragged his sister back into the house and sat her down on the plush couch. "What's going on with you and Bobby? He obviously still likes you. Why are you avoiding him?"

Sue shrugged and looked away.

"Suzie? C'mon, tell me."

"He's not serious about me."

"How do you know?"

"He told me."

"He told you that? He said he wanted to just have a fuck and go?" Ryan asked angrily.

"Pretty much."

"What do you mean pretty much? What exactly did he say Suzanna?"

She sighed. "Well…we kissed and…I made a comment about the height difference between Bear and Jimmy and that I now understood…then he said I shouldn't mention the next guy's sister when I'm kissing them."

Ryan frowned. "What then? Did he storm off or something? Reject you?"

"Er…no. I said goodnight and went inside. I don't want to date someone that's giving me advice for future boyfriends. Like he already knows he won't be sticking around!"

Ryan groaned, "Sue! He didn't mean it that way! He was feeling awkward! Guys say stupid stuff too you know! I bet he doesn't even know what he did wrong! It was probably just a casual remark to tell you not to talk about Jimmy when he's kissing you!"

"Oh," she said blushing, "Well I'm not very good at this stuff. I've never had a proper boyfriend."

"Don't worry sis. We'll fix it."