Chapter Five

An hour later, Bobby had finished packing his own backpack with clothing, toiletries, snacks and other roadtrip essentials (Ryan had sped off as soon as Bobby and Sue had climbed out of the car). He checked his bike was good to go for the trip and pulled out a map to plan their holiday. It'd be too hot this time of year to comfortably travel west into the Northern Territory, especially with the covering they'd have to wear on the bike. Thinking of which, he crossed to the cupboard in his garage and withdrew Jimmy's leather jacket, tossing it at Suzie, who frowned at it, obviously already feeling hot in the jeans she was wearing. Too bad.

Glancing back at the maps, Bobby considered going south, following the coast all the way down to Sydney in New South Wales. That would take them several days. They could then go west into South Australia and possibly even visit Perth, at the bottom of Western Australia. They could cut diagonally through the bottom of the Northern Territory to return home. It would be a decent two week trip. Going further North in Queensland would be out of the question. It was the wet season, and the ranges north of their city rained all year round as it was. Since they were taking the bike, it would be best if they ventured south, out of the tropics.

His decision made, Bobby stuffed the maps into his backpack and stuffed it beneath the seat compartment, glad that his Harley had one. He shoved a first aid kit as well as sunscreen and tools into the side carriers attached to the rear of the bike. He glanced at the time, 4:00 am. If they left now, they could be in Makay in four hours for breakfast and check out out some of the natural parks for the day...before heading back two hours to party it up at the clubs in Airlie Beach: a small, relaxed town made up of hippy shops, tattoo parlours and nightclubs (it was a popular place to go for Schoolie's Week: the party week after graduating from high-school). He rang forward and booked a room for the night, then stuffed a large box of condoms in one of the bags. He wasn't planning on using them just yet, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Suzie fidgeted impatiently, looking out at the slowly receding darkness. Bobby grinned, pulling on his own leather jacket and wheeling the bike out of the garage. "Make sure you leave the visor down on the helmet, Sue. Otherwise you'll get bugs in your face," he said, chucking her his spare helmet. She grinned back, slipping into Jimmy's jacket and pulling the helmet on.

"Where are we going?"


Her eyes lit up. "How far south? Can we visit my mum?"

Bobby stared for a moment. He hadn't thought about that. Ryan and Suzie's mum lived in Rockhampton, on the way to Brisbane. He wasn't sure if he was ready to meet the family. Well, he had already met Suzie's father through Ryan, but he didn't think Mr. Gregan knew that they were dating yet. He blanched. Frank Gregan would most likely not approve, knowing Bobby as well as he did. He hadn't met a mother since his tenth grade girlfriend. He wasn't the sort of bloke you brought home to meet the folks. He was the one you snuck out your bedroom window to meet, riding off on the back of his Harley as your father shouted for you to 'Get your ass back here young lady!'.

Suzie's eyes widened and she blushed at his silence. "Oh sorry! I suppose it's not really what we want to do while off on a romantic holiday," she said giggling.

He smiled reassuringly. "We can stop in and see your mum if you want. I know you miss her. Kenny and Robert too." Suzie and Ryan's mum, Samantha, had remarried nine years ago to a man called Robert. Kenneth, or Kenny, had been born seven years ago, only a year or two before Samantha had been diagnosed with cancer. Suzie hadn't visited since she had moved north at the beginning of the previous year, but had been planning on dragging Ryan south for Kenny's 8th birthday in April. Ryan was very awkward around his mum's new family and had only started visiting again when Samantha was diagnosed. Now that she was better, and Suzie was no longer living there, he had been putting off another visit.

Suzie's face lit up again and she climbed onto the Harley to sit behind Bobby, her blue backpack on her back. Bobby felt her little hands thrust under his black singlet and play with the hair trailing down his abs. "Let's go, let's go, let's go," she whispered. He grinned and kicked the bike on, pulling out onto the road, heading for the highway as the sun started to rise.

They ate breakfast at a service station, just out of Makay, then turned down a road off the highway, heading inland, away from the coast toward Eungella national parkland. When they reached the carpark and picnic area at Finch Hatton Gorge, they quickly used the 'environmentally friendly' toilets (i.e. horrible, smelly bathrooms) to change into their swimming togs and apply sunscreen. Bobby came out first, only having to change his jeans for board shorts. He wiggled his toes inside his trainers and glanced up at the darkening sky as thick, grey clouds crept in. Suzie jogged out happily. Now in her bikini beneath her white Elmo shirt and short white tennis shorts. Like Bobby, she had left her trainers on for the rocky, rainforest walk ahead. They covered the bike and their things with a water-resistant cover and set off down one of the walking tracks, hand in hand.

Some of the uphill jaunts had been turned into rocky staircases by man, to ease the climb. Bobby had to help Sue up over some of the higher stairs, her little legs not quite long or powerful enough to haul herself up. It started to spit and Sue giggled as she turned her face upward, sticking her tongue out to catch a few drops. "We're going to get wet," she said softly, turning her head to grin at Bobby, who'd taken to walking behind her, ready to catch her if she stumbled on a loose rock or last her balance on a big step up. Well, mostly to watch her perky little bum as she bounced along happily and stretched her legs to make their way towards the thundering waterfalls.

They were currently stopped at a wooden lookout platform, extending out over the rushing river. Up ahead they could see a small waterfall, one of the many to be seen in the area. Bobby glanced at her outfit and grinned. She was wearing all white and they were definately going to get wet. It started to rain more steadily, flattening her short blonde hair and soaking through her top. He felt his own stick to his skin and he grinned when he caught her eyeing his torso. He strode forward and picked her up, sitting her on the railing. She glanced worriedly behind her at the drop and the rocks within the rapids below.

"I'm not going to let you fall," he said quietly. Kissing droplets of water from her face and nuzzling her cheek with his wet nose. He pulled away, enjoying the feel of her waist through her wet, clinging shirt much too much. He turned around and bent a little, motioning for her to jump on his back. "Let's go find somewhere safe to swim," he said as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. He boosted her higher and set off at a fast pace, maneuvering through the rocky terrain like the experienced hiker he was.

She snuggled against his back and gave him a few kisses along his neck as they drew closer to the end of the walk. He shivered at the feel of her soft lips and tried to remind himself that this was a frequently used tourist trail. As if to drive home that fact, they past a backpacking European couple who were making their way back to the carpark. The couple shot them an amused look and offered a friendly greeting, before moving on. Suzie immediately started teasing his neck again, one of her hands teasing his chest as it slipped beneath the collar of his shirt.

"Behave," Bobby growled, purposely bouncing them as he jumped down a step. Sue giggled at the bounce but frowned thoughtfully at his command.

"You don't want me to be affectionate?" she asked, puzzled. He snorted, carefully going down a steeper step as the rain picked up to a heavy downpour.

"Your kisses are driving me crazy, woman."

"Really?" she asked excitedly, "I wasn't even trying to! I was barely doing anything!"

He laughed, putting her down as they reached the end of the trail. He turned to face her and pulled her close, sliding his hands beneath her shirt, his fingertips barely grazing her skin as he inched the top up and gently brushed his lips against her neck. She shivered and he smirked as he moved his lips to her ear, licking it very softly, with minimum contact. Sue moaned and gasped, wriggling closer to him. He chuckled quietly in her ear. "I'm barely doing anything, Suzie. How does it feel?"

Her eyes widened in surprise and she stepped back slightly to look at his face. He laughed, pulling his wet shirt off and tossing it on a branch. He grinned playfully at her as he removed his shoes and she ran her eyes over his newly exposed form, stumbling a little as she removed her boots. She reached out hesitantly to trail a finger down the center of his chest and between his impressive set of abdominal muscles. She watched his muscles twitch and stopped her hand at the lacings of his boardies. "I make you feel that way too?" she asked, looking up at him. He looked down at her, his eyes half-open, his black hair flattened messily and his lips slightly parted as the rain poured over his strong face. He looked dangerous and sinfully male as his intense gaze fixed on her lips. A wicked smile, complete with dimples, suddenly flashed across his face as he slid her hand lower to cup the growing bulge in his wet, clinging shorts.

"I told you at the club," he started arrogantly, but groaned when she experimentally pulsed her grip over him. "You don't need fancy moves to get me hot for you," he continued huskily. She swallowed, then grinned, playfully rubbing her hand on him beneath his.

He laughed breathlessly and pulled her hand up to his mouth for a kiss. "Uh uh. Not now. Let's go for a swim," he said, lifting her up bridal style and walking into the refreshingly cool water, the rain still pouring down, the three waterfalls surrounding the pool pounding down the cliff face and drowning out Suzie's giggles.

Sue turned in the water, still holding onto his neck, and wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked them deeper into the pool. She sighed in satisfaction as she relaxed in his warm, strong hold. She'd managed to throw her shirt off before they got into the water. Even though it was already wet, she didn't want it restricting her movements as she swam. She glanced around and her heart swelled with happiness. It was so romantic. This holiday was going to be incredible. Bobby had piggy-backed her half of the way here (which was about 2.5km on rough terrain, a lot of it uphill) and had carried her into the water. Now they were floating together in a natural pool, surrounded by a pretty, green rainforest with glorious waterfalls. It was raining, but she didn't care. In fact, Suzie thought it was all the more romantic as Bobby gently held the back of her head and pulled her into a soft, lengthy kiss.

The fresh rain slipped between their parted lips as he gently swept her mouth with his tongue, stroking hers sensually as the hand on her ass moved slowly to trace patterns on the small of her back. He pulled back slowly and kissed a droplet of rain from the tip of her nose. "God you look good wet," he whispered, his forehead resting against hers. He looked good wet too, she thought, smiling as happiness bubbled up inside her chest. She would have been happy to lose her virginity right there, at that moment, but Bobby pulled away, kissing her cheek as another couple and their kids ran through the rain to get to the pool.

Bobby smiled and waved at the couple, moving closer to strike up a conversation, pulling Sue with him. They collected their shirts and put their shoes back on, walking slowly back the 5km to the carpark. Suzie pouted slightly, still annoyed by the family's interruption. She brightened though when she caught Bobby checking her out. Her wet shirt was slung with his over his shoulder and thus, all she was wearing was the small, white, strapless bikini top, that clung tightly to her B cup breasts. She'd never thought much of her breasts, but Bobby seemed to see something he liked. Of course, according to Ryan, breasts were breasts. As long as you had them, boys would like them. Her slutty older brother would have seen his fair share of them too. She frowned as it occurred to her that Bobby was just as bad.

Bobby spotted her frown and kissed the lines on her brow. "I booked a room for us in Airlie Beach. I know it's back the way we came, but I thought we could hit the beach this afternoon and then the clubs tonight. Is that okay?"

Sue grinned and took hold of his hand. A room he said. Just one. She swung their hands back and forth a little in excitement and nodded cheerfully. "Sounds perfect.," she said, picking up the pace of their walk and firmly dragging him toward the bike.

A/N: all of these places so far are real. I'm basing their home town on the location of Townsville (capital of North Queensland) but I haven't named it as such because it gives me more room to move creatively. I wish I could find the pictures I have of these waterfalls but I can't :-( sorry. U might be able to look it up online. I htink it's called the ring of fire, its near Makay in central QLD. but yeah, feel free to uses your own imaginations, I prefer to when I read :-)

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