Bleeding Love

I saw you across the street

Blindly turning and staring at me

Your eyes full of worry and regret

Your expression crushing as our gazes met

I feel strongly responsible for this happening

My heart aching for that familiar fluttering

That sends chills down my spine as our hands meet

Making my eyes water and I start to weep

Your expression changes from worry to pain

As your eyebrows meet you look up at the sudden rain

I smile at your reaction and stretch out my arm toward you

You lightly bite your lip as the rain starts to soak through

I start running toward you across the street

Longing for our hungry lips to meet

Your eyes changing to horror and fear

What could've made you scream and tear?

Violent force hits my body, taking me away from you

My breath suddenly stinging, my heart feeling bruised

You yell and in despair, eyes filled with tears

Or was it the rain? I just wanted you near

My head hit something hard, making my vision blurry

What made you fall down on your knees and cry out in fury?

I tried reaching out but my arm was numb

I moaned and heard people scream and run

You shout my name sounding very concerned

Your face staring down at me and your expression stern

A burning hole forms somewhere on my side

Slowly spreading through my body and I let out a cry

Reality hits me as I see blood oozing out of my hip

I squeal at the sight, making my breath rip

As my lungs burned in an in tensing pain

Slowly making me go insane

Flashes of our happy times together ran through my vision

Making me feel at ease, but only for a friction

I long to see your lovely and content face

But could only find fear in the empty space

It gets more and more hard to breathe

My heart starting to slow its beat

My dry lips quiver at the pain of the wound

Hoping that you and I would be safe soon

But my eyes are struggling to focus

Wondering what on earth could have caused this

I see your grieving face once more

As the intense pain finally reaches my core


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